Your Run-Down For CINEMA 4D R16's Added Features

Illustrator and Animator Patrick Goski gave us a glimpse into the new features users can expect in CINEMA 4D R16 at the SIGGRAPH 2014 CINEMA 4D presentation booth. Here are some of the features he showcased.

Polygon Pen Tool

The Polygon Pen tool in CINEMA 4D replaces the Create Polygon Tool in previous versions. The Polygon Pen can serve several different purposes. The first purpose is for retopologizing a model. You can quickly drop in strips of geometry that will snap directly to the surface of the model that you want to retopologize. You can also use the paint brush tool with the Polygon Pen tool to basically paint strips of polygons, these can also be snapped to a surface if you want to retopologize your geometry and it also can be used to create complex meshes like the curly strips around a fence post or unique lettering for a sign.

Bevel Deformer

Bevel Deformer With the bevel deformer you get a bevel on each edge of your polygon object. In this example the artist was creating a Banana. With the bevel deformer it will bevel all the edges and you can change things like offset and subdivisions. You can also select just the edges that you want to bevel, and it creates the bevel without actually being destructive to the geometry by maintaining editability even after the bevel has been applied.

COGwheel Spline Update

In CINEMA 4D R16 there have been huge improvements to the COGwheel Spline tool. The COGwheel in previous versions allowed you to create basic gear shapes quickly, however with these updates the COGwheel has gotten many more preset parameters with different tooth shapes and types, as well as new inlay and center hole parameters. With these new tools you're able to create just about any gear you can think of, as well as any other fancy mesh shape in a matter of minutes.

UV Peeler

The UV Peeler is a brand new tool in CINEMA 4D R16 that allows you to quickly peel apart the UVs on a cylindrical object. You can simply select an edge that you want as the seam and enable the UV Peeler. The UV coordinates will then be created based on the mesh flow. You can also store the resulting UVs on a single or multiple UV tiles.

New Sculpting Features

Stamp When creaing stamps for sculpting normally you would go into Photoshop to create bumpy noise, now you have the option to loud materials into your stencil or stamp. You can create a new material and apply a noise texture to the material or bumpyness and actually use this material as a stamp. This allows you to add in those finer details through the use of stamps without ever having to leave CINEMA 4D. Knife Partick also demonstrated the new features with the Knife Tool. There are new parameters attached to it like Smooth, Pull, Pinch and Inflate. For example, with the smooth parameter activated it will smooth out the area of the mesh as you're cutting into it, or with the Pinch parameter activated it will pinch as you're using the knife tool. This lets you create things like small wrinkles and folds very easily. These are just a few of the new features in CINEMA 4D R16 that Partrick ran through during his demonstration, you can visit the Maxon site for an overview of everything you can expect in R16.