Stop-Motion Animator, PES Launches New "Submarine Sandwich" Short

Director and stop-motion animator PES, or Adam Pesapane, released his newest food preparation-themed short entitled "Submarine Sandwich." Like his other culinary prep films Western Spaghetti and Fresh Guacamole, PES uses a pixilation technique to give his films a stop-motion quality. Again, he's also implemented some exceedingly creative ways to use every day objects as stand-ins for food products:  boxing gloves as Italian hams, tail light reflectors as tomatoes, and old gym socks as provolone cheese slices.
Submarine Sandwich was a film financed partially through a sponsorship with Nikon and a Kickstarter campaign. The short's release puts it a little too late to be an Oscar contender this year, which is too bad given "Fresh Guacamole" was nominated for Best Animated Short Film in 2013. PES's films are quite extraordinary in their level of detail. In a recent interview Pesapane said the film ended up being 31 shots total, which took seven weeks to complete the primary shooting. This of course didn't account for the time necessary to find all of the deli props or construct the releatively large set. football ham PES's food preparation films have a level of appeal that goes beyond even the creativity it takes to construct a hand grenade from an avocado. Some of their appeal resides in the film's sound designs, which effectively add a tactile quality to the images in addition to creating an irony and unsettling contradiction between the visual and the aural. There's something uncanny about seeing a baseball being sliced visually while accompanied by the sounds of an onion being sliced. But his shorts also represent an peculiar intermingling of ideas that PES invites within his viewers to entertain. Footballs do look like hams and purple Slinkies do look like onions. However, seeing these objects actually being presented in such a literal way creates a mixing of common, everyday sounds and images in a way that makes them decidedly unique . You can check more of PES's videos by visiting his YouTube channel.