The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Digital Artists

As everyone comes out of their turkey coma from yesterday's Thanksgiving feast, many of you will venture out and brave the long lines of determined shoppers for the long-standing tradition known as Black Friday. Or if long lines aren't your scene, you may decide to wait until Cyber Monday and shop from the comfort of your work desk - just don't get caught by your boss... Either way, we are here to make your lives easier by offering up ideas of what to get your favorite digital artist for Christmas. Whether they are a web designer, animator, VFX artist or any other type of digital artist, we have compiled a list of gifts that they will be sure to appreciate.

What to Get an Animator for Christmas?

The Animator's Survival Kit

anim survival Paperback: $17.36/Hardcover: $55.31 The Animator's Survival Kit holds all the secrets of becoming an amazing animator. Well, maybe not all the secrets, but it covers everything from timing, spacing, weight, walks and runs inside an out. It is quite literally a survival kit, and no animator should be without it. Since this is such an important book to all animators, there may be a chance that certain animator in your life already has it, don't fret, because you're still in luck!

DigiCel Flipbook

$78.00 Whether they're a 2D animator, or a 3D animator DigiCel Flipbook is a great tool. This makes the process of creating 2D animations extremely fast and intuitive. They can create their 2D animations with this software, or quickly plan out an animation and test timing ideas. The great thing about DigiCel Flipbook is that it is not a bloated piece of software, its purpose it to create 2D flipbook like animations, and it does just that. flipbook

The Pixar Story

$19.99 The Pixar Story is a documentary that takes audiences behind the scenes of the animation studio Pixar, looking at the companies first years to where they are at now. This is a documentary any animator will get a lot of inspiration from. pixar story More great animator gift ideas >>  

What to Get a Game Designer/Developer for Christmas?

Bluetooth NES Controller

$35-$40 Get even more retro with this original NES modeled controller that looks and play just like the original. Only the original wasn't wireless and could transform your phone (android or IOS) into a small game console. The NES30 works best on touch screen devices like tablets, laptops, and phones. The buttons are programmable, and the controller even features added left and right bumpers.
NES Controler

Game Design Theory and Practice

Paperback $31.34, Kindle $28.49 at Amazon
This seminal text is a must have for anyone serious about learning everything gaming. The book covers all aspects of game design, from coming up with a solid idea to writing the design document, from implementing the gameplay to playtesting the final product. Also included are detailed analyses of some of the best games ever made and in-depth interviews with seven of the industry's most revered game designers.
book 3

Video Games and Next Gen Game Consoles

This should be a no-brainer. Any aspiring game developer or designer needs somewhere to draw their inspiration. What better way, than from video games!  With so many popular, new games released this past year - Destiny, Assassin's Creed: Unity and much more - pick up a copy of one of these awesome games for the number one game dev/designer in your life.

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What to Get a Graphic Designer for Christmas?

Moleskine Notebooks

From $9.95 All designers need to break away from the digital world sometimes, whether it’s to take notes at meetings or just quickly draw out some ideas. Moleskine Notebooks are high quality and are simple, but beautiful. One of our favorites is the Evernote version. Anything that needs to be hand written can be instantly shared, synced, tagged and stored. The Android version of the app even includes a widget that will bring the Smart Notebook right on the phone’s interface. Different color and types of moleskines

Communication Arts Subscription

Starting at $30 a year Communication Arts magazine is a highly respected place for inspirations for all kinds of artists. Basically anyone that’s involved with visual communication would appreciate the high quality of art that’s displayed every month in Communication Arts. A one year subscription can be purchased for either just the digital edition or a print and digital edition. Comparison of Communication Arts subscriptions

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What to Get a Web Designer for Christmas?

A Book Apart books

$9 EBook /$18 Paperback A Book Apart books are short books that are written by web designers for web designers. Currently there are 13 books available. Your web designer would appreciate any one of them. The only possible issue would be if they already own them all! All A Book Apart books

The UI Stencils Starter Pack

$75 Web designers need to sketch out their ideas before they spend time creating them on the computer. It's so much easier to visualize a design if you can see how it could quickly look in the context of the browser or on a cell phone. The UI Starter Pack includes a web or iPhone stencil kit, notepad, stencils case, and drafting pencil. If you're looking for something a little less expensive, consider picking up some of those item individually from UI Stencils. UI Stencil Starter Kit More great web designer gift ideas >>   Do you have other ideas for great gifts for digital artists? If so, be sure to include them in the comments section below!