Unity Game Engine Now Available for PS4 Platforms

Unity devs have announced that its version 4.3 is now available for Playstation 4 platforms. Unity 4.3 fully supports PS4 camera features such as depth detection, hand and face positioning and PS move detection along with integration with Sony’s VR headset. Some of the games that have been developed with Unity include: The Forest, a first-person survival; a space exploration platformer called FORMA.8; and most recently, Ori and the Silent Forest, which was announced at the E3 Xbox presser a few weeks ago. Sony's support for the Unity game engine signals a strong move into the independent game market, especially for this summer since both Xbox and Playstation seem anxious about the lack of AAA titles for their consoles. Using independents to help fill in the gaps between their bigger releases may be a much needed marketing strategy for both companies. How do you think Unity's game engine announcement will affect its game selection this summer? How do you think independent game developers function within the market overall? Leave us your ideas and opinions by commenting below.