Watch Free Training to Help Get Your Models CheckMate Certified

We’re excited to announce the availability of three new tutorials covering how to get your models ready for CheckMate certification on TurboSquid using Maya, 3ds Max and CINEMA 4D. Check out the free training today and start making a better profit from your work. TurboSquid's CheckMate determines the industry standard for 3D models. For the purposes of selling your work, being CheckMate certified means that the model you’ve created is technically superior, made correctly and therefore worth more money. The bottom line is that if you want to sell 3D models online, you want everything you make to be CheckMate certified. checkmate Digital-Tutors very own Lead Modeling Instructor, Justin Marshall is part of the CheckMate advisory board. Not only does he know the specifications you need to know in order to meet the requirements, he's now part of the board that helped create them. We have the pleasure of providing CheckMate training completely free, so you can take your models to the next level and start making more from your work. Using Maya, 3ds Max and CINEMA 4D, you’ll be able to go step-by-step through the process of preparing your model for CheckMate certification. You’ll start the project with a standard model that lacks the edits it needs for certification, and methodically cover how to update the asset effectively. Watch the courses for free today.