3 ways to build skills for the real world

Staying on top of your game in dev, data, security, DevOps and infrastructure means finding the fastest way from point A to SKILLS. In fact, that’s one of the main reasons we created Skill IQ, paths and channels—to help technologists benchmark proficiency and reach skill mastery in record time. 

Three more platform experiences designed to boost confidence in your skills are just within reach. 

Let us introduce you to certification practice exams, interactive courses and projects. All three can help you gain real-world experience, build code with confidence and prepare for critical certifications.

Save time and money with certification practice exams

When you’re preparing for certifications like CompTIA or PMP, you want to make sure you have the right skills to tackle test day with ease. That whole saying “practice makes perfect” is true. Pluralsight offers exam prep and then some, which is why IT pros and more trust our certification practice exams to get ready. 

With our certification paths, CyberVista certification practice exams and certificates of completion, you’ll get a holistic approach to preparation that is sure to leave you feeling ready for the real thing

Having unlimited access to industry-leading practice tests to improve the likelihood of passing your certification exams will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Not to mention, with the ability to view incorrect answers with detailed explanations, you can learn as you go and then view your test results and data within Pluralsight

Certification practice exams can prep you for dozens of certs, including: 

  • CompTIA

  • Cisco CCNA Routing and Switching

  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner CompTIA Storage

  • PMP 

  • VMWare vSphere

See an extended list and read more about certification prep here.

Get hands-on with interactive courses

When building new skills, we often learn by doing. With interactive courses, you can practice, risk-free, as you learn. Hands-on coding challenges and guided, real-time feedback allow you to build code without worry. 

You know, before you start on the real thing.

One of the best things about interactive courses is that they break down the intimidating barrier to entry when learning a new technology. You’ll be able to access video tutorials and in-browser coding challenges organized by level, so you can jump in wherever you’re comfortable. And, you can keep building skills even when you’re away from your computer with downloadable course slides. 

Check out interactive courses in topics like:

  • Angular

  • C#

  • Python

  • JavaScript 

  • Node.js

Read more and see an extended list here.

Turn real-world experiences into real-world success with projects

Want to see what your code looks like before you publish? Or stop wasting time feeling stuck or alone while building? 

Pluralsight projects are here to help you do just that.

Projects are an efficient way to put what you’ve learned into practice by applying it to real-world scenarios—all in your local developer environment. Author video walkthroughs are available for each module in a project, and projects are easy to set up with step-by-step instructions. This way, you’re never building alone, and you can spend more time improving your skills and less time figuring out where to start (or how to get unstuck). 

Have confidence that your code will work! In one click, Pluralsight checks your code for you, so you can easily identify and correct mistakes—before they matter. 

You can explore projects in:

  • React

  • JavaScript

  • ASP.NET Core

  • Angular

  • C#

See a more comprehensive list and explore more here.


You’re already on your way to the top—get there faster by upgrading to a premium Pluralsight plan and access these skill-changing experiences today.