Top 10 Free ITIL® v3 Ebooks, Blogs and Online Resources

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Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) is used worldwide and is extremely popular in many organizations, large and small. Companies like Microsoft, HP, Fujitsu, Sony, Disney, and even NASA have implemented ITIL® with much success.

Finding free ITIL® web resources however, is a different story. There's just not that much information for ITIL® professionals, at least not easily accessible and free. But I was able to find a number of free resources that can help beginners gain some ITIL® knowledge, keep up with what's new in the field and join other ITIL® professionals in discussion.

But will these resources alone prepare you for the ITIL® v3 Foundation Certification? Let's find out.

10. ITIL® v3 Foundation Study Guide by Taruu

Taruu, a Service Management firm from Indiana, has created and published a study guide for the ITIL® v3 Foundation certification. This is one of the best free resource that I have been able to find for those looking to certify in ITIL®.

At 45 pages the study guide is concise, but all the concepts listed in the ITIL® v3 exam outline find mention, and the authors have done a decent job in explaining each of the topics. The guide could double up as a handy cheat sheet for those currently controlling IT processes as well.

But, there is a catch. This study guide works great for those with a couple years of ITIL® exposure, but is definitely more difficult to use for beginners. On the certification exam, questions may not always be straightforward, so a deep understanding of ITIL® processes is necessary and that's not something you'll find in this free resource.

Nevertheless, the study guide can serve as a great introduction to ITIL®, an additional study reference for the ITIL® v3 Foundations exam and a convenient resource for current ITIL® professionals.

Check out Tarru's free ITIL® v3 Foundations Study Guide.

9. ITIL® v3 Foundation Certification Kit by The Art of Service

The Art of Service has published a certification kit for ITIL® v3 Foundation exam, a portion of which is available for free on Google Books. The free sections include service strategy, a good part of service design and service operations. A number of review questions are available, which are helpful to boost your self confidence before taking the exam.

On an earlier occasion, this book was passed on to me by one of my team members. He was taking the ITIL® certification and asked me if the material was worthwhile to pass the exam. I find this book manageable for professionals with ITIL® experience behind their backs, but beginners might find it difficult to connect the dots.

Access the free content of the ITIL® v3 Foundation Complete Certification Kit to see for yourself.

8. An Introductory Overview of ITIL® v3 by itSMF

The IT Service Management Forum is an organization run by IT service management professionals, and its main goal is to integrate the ITIL® knowledge under one roof, bringing in millions of professionals to share knowledge and continually improve on the practices of IT service management.

The forum has put together introductory material on ITIL® v3. The pdf is brief, and each section defines the goal of the process, and activities that are a part of the process. I consider this very good reading material, but not sufficient enough to pass the Foundation exam, even for the experienced ITIL® professionals.

However, if you're just getting a start in ITIL® it is an excellent high-level overview of the IT Infrastructure Library® and a good place to start learning about ITIL®.

Take a look at the free Introductory Overview of ITIL® v3 by itSMF.

7. Creative Management World YouTube Channel by Marco Cattaneo

Creative Management World YouTube Channel by Marco CattaneoMarco Cattaneo is an IT consultant from Australia, who has recorded his ITIL® focused lectures at Charles Strut University. The videos are available for free on his YouTube channel; the prime reason for publishing the videos on a public forum is to get feedback, and thereby continually improve, which is incidentally one of the life cycles in ITIL® v3.

A number of ITIL® topics are covered, including the service lifecycle, service strategy goals, service design value, and more. The tone, speed and the path undertaken to explain the concepts is down to earth, and best suited for those seeking to get into service management. This will also serve well for those who are looking for direction in corporate training.

There are currently 60 videos that pertain specifically to ITIL® v3. You can access them all for free at the Creative Management World YouTube Channel.

6. ITIL® Processes Wiki by IT Process Maps

IT Process Maps, of which Stefan and Andrea Kempter are the founders, has created a wiki for ITIL®. The wiki covers a number of topics in ITIL® including the retired but yet still in use ITIL® v2.

Like Taruu, range of topics is good, but the descriptions are not sufficient from an examination standpoint. It is a great resource for those looking for quick ITIL® definitions, discussions and a way to connect with peers. All topics are additionally available in German and Spanish.

ITIL® beginners can use the wiki to get familiar with the ITIL® processes and use the wiki as a reference tool.

Check out the wiki and let me know what you think: ITIL® Processes Wiki.

5. Open Guide Wiki

Open Guide WikiOpen Guide is another ITIL® wiki, but this one seems to be lacking recent updates; the Recent Changes page actually states that the wiki was last changed "ages ago." Nevertheless, the content on the website is good and much of it is still current.

ITIL® v3 service life cycles are discussed but not in great detail. But, v2 processes are explained in patterns that go something like this: goal, input, activities, benefits, mission statement, process goal, critical success factors and KPIs.

ITIL® v2 and v3 are the same as far as the processes are concerned. The way of working between v2 and v3 is quite similar, perhaps with an addition or two in the latter version. So, referring to a v2 process does in no way waste your time, nor disorient your thoughts and thought patterns.

Although a bit outdated, I think the Open Guide wiki is still a good learning and reference tools for ITIL® professionals and perhaps it will gain some attention from the ITIL® community once again.

You can take advantage of the free Open Guide Wiki and start contributing, as it is an open wiki for ITIL® professionals and students.

4. The IT Skeptic Blog by Rob England

The IT SkepticA blog on a topic of interest is definitely worth the time, especially if the writer knows what he is doing, and keeps doing it frequently. The IT Skeptic is a blog on ITIL®, and Rob England, a consultant from New Zealand is the blogger.

He picks up day to day issues he faces at work, and makes blog posts out of them. The topics are interesting, especially for those who can relate to them. The reader base is quite active in commenting and the blog has a great community behind it. Rob provides links to online ITIL® resources that are quite helpful especially to those who are interested in completing the ITIL® v3 Foundation certification.

Check out the blog and join in on the discussion at The IT Skeptic.

3. Pink Elephant News Blog by Pierre Bernard

Pink Elephant BlogPink Elephant is another blog worth a mention. Authored by Pierre Bernard, the content revolves around ITIL® v3 news; process and technicalities of ITIL® are rarely discussed here. It is a good source of knowledge and a great way to keep up with what's going on in the world of ITIL®.

There were rumors floating around sometime back that ITIL® v4 is on its way. Many who had completed their v3 certifications started to sweat and those who planned to take the exam, decided to wait and watch. In the end, OGC issued a statement stating that the core books of ITIL® v3 were getting updated and there is no v4 in the near future. You can read Pierre's views on this issue here: There is NO ITIL® v4 coming your way.

You can check out Pierre's Pink Elephant ITIL® v3 News Blog as well as 3 other Pink Elephant blogs.

2. ITP Report

ITP ReportITP Report is a published magazine covering the world of IT business across various geographies. The ITP Report website is a great repository of ITIL® service management material. They host a handful of blogs, and the articles posted make the time worthwhile, while posing several questions to the reader.

A number of case studies along with industry research makes up for the free content available on the website.

I found Nas Ozcan's blog particularly interesting.

Check out the ITP Report for the latest news and information for ITIL® Professionals.

1. IT Infrastructure Library® Section on TrainSignal Training

I kept the best for last. TrainSignal Training has begun delving into ITIL® and its associated processes. Although we are still in very early stages, the material you see is well researched and of good quality, created by experienced ITIL® professionals.

You can check out my comprehensive guide on how to obtain your ITIL® v3 Certifications, read about the basics of incident management and problem management and a get a thorough introduction to the service desk concept.

The ITIL® tag lists all of our ITIL® videos and articles for easy access.

Are Free Resources Any Good?

Should you attempt to prepare for the ITIL® v3 Foundation certification exam with only free resources available online?

Let's face it; our world runs on business, not charity. Free resources that are widely available on the web are nuggets of information compared to the deep knowledge the world has to offer for money. And this not only applies to ITIL®.

I would not risk taking the ITIL® v 3 Foundation exam by preparing with free resources alone, even with prior knowledge and experience in ITIL®. On the other hand, if you are re-certifying or want to learn more about ITIL® without making a commitment to the certification or training then these free resources will be very helpful.

The sites will also serve as a great reference once you're on the job. I generally refer to ITIL® resources available on the web if I need to confirm official definitions, or to recollect where certain processes fall in the service lifecycle. For simple tasks, these free resources can replace the ITIL® core books, and they're a great way to connect with other ITIL® professionals.

ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office.

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