The Story Behind the Hilarious 'God Made an IT Worker' Video

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What do IT pros have in common with farmers? More than you might think.

When Brian Boyd saw the "God Made a Farmer" 2013 Super Bowl ad for Ram Trucks, something clicked.

"I was pretty moved," says the 15-plus-year vet of the IT industry, who currently works at virtualization consulting company Varrow in North Carolina. "I wondered what in my life as an IT professional would translate and be as moving as farmers. Well, after some brainstorming, it became a blog post, but then I thought, 'Why not make a video as well?'"

The video Boyd is referring to is the hilarious but thoughtful "God Made an IT Worker," which he posted on YouTube last week. It's already received over 1,300 views, likely because it rings true for so many IT pros, with lines like:

"I need somebody willing to stay past 5 o' clock, work all night patching Windows servers, cable up three new servers and then order pizza online for his family because he's going to be pulling an all-nighter again. So God made an IT worker."

"I need someone strong enough to brush off people telling him he's a nerd or a geek, yet gentle enough to show those same people, in a calm and reassuring voice, 'I think your CAPs lock key is on.' So God made an IT worker."

Boyd, who is also a technical reviewer for TrainSignal, got into the profession because he's loved working with computers since early childhood.

"I was inspired to get into the field by my grandfather, who used to build computers in his basement and taught many students by soldering up circuits in the 1950s," says Boyd, who also explains that slide No. 3 in the video (also pictured above) shows his grandfather in the foreground in front of a Bryant drum, one of the first data storage devices.  "As a young boy myself, we soldered up a Commodore Pet as my first computer.  You could say that he inspired me to get in the field, and that is what I like the most.  I get to do things that I love to do."

Of course, there are trying moments as an IT pro, too.

"It is a very under-appreciated profession when things 'just work.'" Boyd says. "Kind of like being a farmer, too, I suppose.  That's why I created the video!"

Find Boyd on Twitter or on his blog, and let us know why you think "God Made an IT Worker" in the comments below!

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