IPv6 Insights with Ed Horley

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Are you one of the many who's shied away from IPv6? Feeling more comfortable sticking with IPv4? While IPv4 still gets the job done, there are some things you need to know.

We met up with Pluralsight author and IPv6 enthusiast Ed Horley to break down the truth about transitioning to v6, what you need to do if you're determined to stay with v4 and what you could be missing by living in the past. Ed debunks the top IPv6 fears, cautions on security and addresses cultural misconceptions in this interview with Pluralsight's IT ops curriculum director Don Jones. Check it out!

To learn more, check out Ed's IPv6: Introduction to the Protocol course. (If  you're not already a Pluralsight subscriber, you can still check out this course with a 10-day free trial!)

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Lora Beros

Lora Beros is a Branded Content Manager at Pluralsight with a focus on IT ops. Lora is based out of our Utah office, which means she loves to eat, drink and hibernate during the winter. When she's not writing for Pluralsight shi is reading up on tech. You can find her on Twitter @lora_not_laura.