Mailbox Enabling a New User Account in Exchange Server 2003

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This is an excerpt from the Exchange Server 2003 Training from TrainSignal.

Here is a step by step guide to creating a new user and mailbox enabling that user in Exchange Server 2003.

1. If you are creating a brand new user account, you can mailbox enable the user as you are creating it. STBC has hired a new salesperson named Ray Moray. Add his account to Active Directory by right clicking Sales and selecting New User.

Enable Mailbox in Exchange 2003

2. Create the user account as you see in the picture below. The User logon name we're using is rmoray (first initial, last name). Click Next to continue.

Create new user account in Exchange 2003

3. Enter in a password that meets the default domain password complexity requirements and de-select the User must change password at next logon box. Click Next to continue.

4. Since Ray Moray will be working onsite and you want him to have an email address you should leave the box checked for Create an Exchange mailbox. Click Next to continue.

5. Verify that all of the account information for Ray is correct and click Finish to create his account.

6. After a short wait (you will need to refresh the screen) you will see the email Address and Exchange Alias for Ray Moray's user account.

7. Add Ray to the Sales group by right clicking Ray Moray and selecting Add to a group. Enter Sales as the object name and click OK.

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