Microsoft MCSA Windows Server 2012

By Gary Eimerman on December 4, 2014

Microsoft's MCSA certification for Windows Server 2012 requires that you pass three exams. Pluralsight has published a learning path for each of these, as listed below. You don't need to take these in any particular order, but the material does tend to build on what comes before it. It may therefore be easier to start at the beginning, and then work your way through the material one exam at a time.

These links will take you to the training materials and learning paths for each exam:


Note that these materials have recently been updated for the release of Windows Server 2012 R2. Also keep in mind that these exams not only earn you your MCSA title, but put on on the path to one of several more-specialized MCSE certifications.

Good luck!

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Gary Eimerman

(VP of IT Pro Content) heads up the IT pro curriculum at Pluralsight. He brought his expertise over from TrainSignal, where he spent eight years helping to grow the company into the leader in online IT training. Gary has a B.B.A. in Management Information Systems from University of Iowa and brings hands-on experience with computer hardware, networking and administration, as well as a passion for education, to the Pluralsight team.

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