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Exploring and finding the right training can be tough--especially when we've got more than 4,500 courses to choose from. However, it's now easier. We're releasing our new browse and search functionality to all subscribers. This is the latest release in a line of new learning experience updates--tested tried and true among thousands of subscribers for more than a month. The new faceted search and browse allows you to navigate and filter training by selecting tags to keep narrowing or expanding your search.

The filters include:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 5.14.27 PM

Roles cover the main audiences of our training:

  • Dev
  • IT ops
  • Creative
  • Data
  • Manufacturing and engineering
  • Architecture and construction
  • Business skills

Subjects are the actual principles of technology, a domain under a role or area, or even a field within a role. (Some examples include: virtualization, mobile, graphic design)

Tools are the actual end tool or software that you will use during the course to learn the subject. (Some examples that go along with the subjects include: vSphere, iOS, Photoshop).

Jump right in and try it now by signing in (the new search and browse will be available when not signed in within weeks), or get an overview and tips in this quick video about using the new browse and search:


Make sure to provide feedback (Problems you encounter, improvements to be made or how awesome it is!) to our support team.

See what else has been released in the new learning experience and what’s coming next.  

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Grant Boudon

is the Director of Product Marketing at Pluralsight and has dabbled in everything marketing, except discount-furniture-store sign spinning. He has a background in creative training and is quickly learning the tech world – Google Fiber quick. Enjoys Seahawks Sundays (still too soon), his dogs and time with his daughter.