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Whether you’re brand new to project management or an old pro, PRINCE2® will prove a great addition to your tech toolbelt. Since 1996, organizations all around the world have adopted the PRINCE2® method of project management. Due to it being a more technical and structured approach,  PRINCE2® also complements soft skills specific to other project management certifications like PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP®). This series will walk you through this popular project management process and bring you closer to passing the exam.

Courses in this series include: 

PRINCE2® - Introducing the Value and Fundamentals3h 11m
PRINCE2® - The Business Case Theme2h 33m
PRINCE2® - The Organization Theme2h 48m
PRINCE2® - The Quality Theme2h 36m
PRINCE2® - The Plans Theme1h 57m
PRINCE2® - The Risk Theme1h 51m
PRINCE2® - The Change Theme1h 19m
PRINCE2® - The Progress Theme 
PRINCE2® - Starting Up, Initiating and Directing a Project 
PRINCE2® - Controlling a Stage and Managing Product Delivery 
PRINCE2® - Managing Stage Boundaries and Closing a Project 
PRINCE2® - Tailoring a Project 

Your author for this series is Tommy van Schaik. Tommy excels in both business and IT, two areas that go well hand-in-hand. After spending the majority of his career employed by the Dutch Department of Defense, he transitioned into a project manager role for the Dutch government.


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