10 signs your SysAdmin is really a superhero

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Busy posting #TGIF and making happy hour plans today? Chances are, you're not a SysAdmin. That's because System Administrators are the unsung heroes working behind the scenes long after you leave. In fact, they're so good at keeping things running, it's nearly superhuman. It had us thinking, is there more to their story? We're not saying they're superheroes. It's just that we've never seen our SysAdmin and Bruce Wayne in the same room together. Just sayin'. So, this July 31st, if you're starting to feel the same way, here are 10 signs your SysAdmin is actually a superhero:

1. They're impervious to cold.
No, really. Have you ever been inside the server room? It's literally -9,000 degrees. They just take it in stride.

2. They're nocturnal.
Remember that time your company shut down your .com to run an update during normal work hours? Yeah, neither do we. They probably did it at some insane hour when you were sleeping. Not your SysAdmin, though. Those guys and gals don't need sleep, apparently.

3. They possess X-ray vision.
They can take a look at your PC or Mac and somehow (somehow!) they just know that you need update your OS. Or, that you need to connect your power cord. Sometimes it's just the power cord. They're pretty good.

4. They use their powers for good, instead of evil.
"With great power comes great responsibility." Whoever said that definitely had access to your browsing history. Trust us.

5. They have secret lairs.
Well, we're not really allowed in the server room. What goes on in there, anyway?

6. They're good with weapons.
Serious nunchuck skills. Ninja stars. Super Mario.

7. They're faster than a speeding bullet.
Really. Just try telling them you're about to download extra RAM and see how fast they make it over to your desk.

8. They put Macgyver to shame.
Having problems connecting to the conference room monitor? Can't get the printer to work? Your SysAdmin is like the Tech Whisperer. They'll get anything working with a few paper clips, an HDMI cable and stick of gum.

9. They're super smart.
Higher-than-average intelligence worked for Tony Stark. Your SysAdmin may not have a fleet of robots working in their garage. Then again, you never know.

10. They're on your side.
That's right. When the going gets tough-stuff breaks, your files go missing, your computer crashes, the proverbial “stuff” hits the proverbial “fan”-the SysAdmin is there to save the day. They never let you down, and they don't blame you. They're the best team players; the kind who always have your back. And, they love it.

This year, for SysAdmin Day, it would go a long way to show a little support for the unsung hero in your office: the guy or gal who works those crazy hours keeping your company running. Give them an epic high-five, make sure they're well caffeinated or just wink subtly to let them know their secret identity is safe with you. And to all the SysAdmins out there: keep doing your thing. You rock.

What are some of the ways your SysAdmin has proven to be your personal superhero? Tweet us @pluralsight. 



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