Ghosts of tech past

By Whitney Larsen on October 30, 2015

What's scarier than trying to free up RAM space? Or what about the bloodcurdling sounds of dial up? How often have you found yourself terrified when in no man's land AKA a no wi-fi zone? These are the ghosts of tech past, and today, they're back to haunt you on Halloween. 

Throughout the month of October, we've been collecting your most horrifying tales on Twitter (#GhostsOfTechPast) for the old software, hardware and processes of technology past that frighten you most. We've spun these ghastly, grim tales into your favorite horror movie posters--are you brave enough to tune in? Take a look...

Dial up modem - Ghosts of tech past

600KB later - Ghosts of tech past

The Cling - Ghosts of tech past


Nightmare on freehand street

Y2K - Ghosts of tech past

Return of the deleted files - Ghosts of tech past


Revenge of the flip phone - Ghosts of tech past


Land of no wi-fi - Ghosts of tech past

Quarkexpress - Ghosts of tech past


Final Cut Pro - Ghosts of tech past


Paint shop of horrors - Ghosts of tech past


I know what you coded last summer - Ghosts of tech past

Still not scared enough? Check out these tech horror stories. Happy Halloween!


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Whitney Larsen

is the Dev/IT Content Marketing Manager at Pluralsight. With a background in communication and writing, she has a strong affinity for the written word and all things content marketing. Follow her on Twitter @whitney_larsen.