In the Game of Thrones, you either live or you...code?

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The 5th season of everyone's favorite they-killed-off-the-best-character!-show premieres this month to the delight of fan-boys, fan-girls and casual viewers alike. For Game of Thrones fans who code, it's easy to draw similarities between its diverse cast members and the multitudinous programming languages, technologies and environments that rule our lives. But, before we journey down this bumpy road, we should warn you of three things:

  • This post will contain spoilers from past seasons.
  • Yes, we are referring to the HBO show, not the books. (We know the show didn't get everything right.)
  • Let's face it-even your favorite character has issues. Every programming technology has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies, and we like to poke fun to let off steam. Try not to take it to heart; only Joffrey does that. (And no one likes Joffrey.)


Swift | Arya Stark

This young, up-and-comer is a bit of a risk. Will she make it through Season 5? Can she really handle herself? Obviously she's tough and very skilled. But, can a character this young survive in the real world? Either way, get your popcorn ready because it's sure to be entertaining.

Visual Basic | Grand Maester Pycelle

It hasn't escaped our attention that anyone sticking around in Westeros long enough to reach old-age must be pretty sturdy and cunning. However, this character is rather…dusty. No one relies on him anymore (seriously, where were you when Joffrey got poisoned?!), but he's kind of an old-standby. Back in his day, he was probably pretty respected. Sure, things may have been simpler when he was getting started, but as time has progressed, he's become ineffective.


Perl | Melisandre

Wow, talk about a confusing character! She's always speaking in riddles, and if you go back and attempt to figure out her motives you'll end up lost in a labyrinth of confusing symbolism and ancient spells. When written well, this character adds richness and complexity to the script. But, when she's bad? Look out.


AngularJS | Petyr Baelish

Bad guy or hero? Can anyone figure him out? Maybe he's burned you before, yet you're still not sure if he's on your side. He certainly has a lot of money behind him, but that makes you uneasy. Only time will tell if this character will redeem himself and rise to the top, or crash and burn with the comeuppance of cartoon-villainry.


Python | Margaery Tyrell

Enter the ingénue. Clearly powerful and backed by forces unseen, this character is dynamic, ambitious and focused on ‘high-level' aspirations. Yet, she keeps failing when she tries (again and again) to penetrate the enterprise level arena. Maybe this will be the year she makes it to the top?


JavaScript | Jon Snow

No, sorry…we're drawing the you-know-nothing-Jon-Snow comparison here. In fact, he's been an early favorite from back in the day. Practically everyone loves this guy. Versatile, simple and speedy, our young protagonist is always focused on satisfying the client. Yet, watching him, we get a little bit nervous. He tends to attract danger at all times and is always dealing with security breaches. With so much riding on his shoulders, will he let us down or save us all?


SQL | Cersei Lannister

The beauty of this character is that she's both smart and powerful. With simple commands, she can gain access to any information she desires, remove anything she no longer wants and manage the whole of her kingdom with ease. No one ignores her commands and she's connected to everything that goes on around her. However, things may not always be so easy for her; the world is changing fast and as they say, “Winter is coming.”

Obviously, this list is nowhere near complete. Who would you pick to represent your favorite programming technology? Your least favorite? Tell us in the comments below. Valar Morghulis, techies.

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