Happy Left Handers' Day: Celebrate alongside these geeky southpaws

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It's that time of year again, when we celebrate the folks who always had an awkward time using scissors in grade school. Last year, we brought you a fun list of products just for lefties. This year we thought we'd take a totally different approach by rounding up some of our favorite famous geeks who also identify with the southpaw set. Here's what we found.

Link, The Legend of Zelda

Any true left-handed geek already knows they’re in good company, thanks to one of the most popular characters in gaming history. This one’s still up for debate, but any southpaw knows the truth. And we’re inclined to believe it, given that most titles have shown Link as left-handed. Sure, there was that whole ordeal with the Wii, in which Link is suddenly right-handed, but that was merely done to work more smoothly with the game’s controls.

Stan Lee

Not only has he created some of the world’s most beloved superheroes, but he did it all with his left hand. Lee has also made several cameos over the years in some of our favorite films including almost every single Marvel movie ever.

Mark Hamill

From the galaxy far, far away, we have, Mark Hamill. The Force is still strong with this one, as he will be one of the stars in the upcoming Star Wars Ep. VII. While playing the role of Luke Skywalker is his most well-known character, he’s taken part in voice acting for quite a few television series and video games. Some examples of villains Hamill has brought to life include The Joker (Batman animated series 1992) and The Trickster (reprised role in the Lego Justice League movie).

Arya Stark, Game of Thrones

In George R.R. Martin’s novels, Arya Stark just so happens to be left-handed. Maisie Williams, who plays Arya in HBO’s adaptation, remains true to the books by doing everything left-handed … mostly, that is. In a 2011 interview with TV Guide, Williams noted that sometimes it was just too tricky and, in those instances, she used her right hand instead.

Bill Gates

While left-handedness isn't exactly his claim to fame, some folks believe it may have helped him in his success. But ask Bill Gates if there's any real correlation between left-handedness and creativity, and he'll likely tell you that the jury is still out.

Marie Curie

The leading left-handed lady, Marie Curie, was the first woman to not only win a Nobel Prize, but TWO of them; one in physics and another in chemistry. She was a true genius in radioactivity. The work of her and her husband Pierre, eventually brought us x-rays.

So, what do you think -- are southpaws more skilled than their right-handed counterparts?

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Stacy Warden

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