Pluralsight Playlist: Fresh start

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We're all about continuous improvement all year round, not just during resolution-filled January. But that doesn't make the start of the new year a bad time to refocus and recharge your goals. Whether you want to get a new certification, land a promotion or even shed a few pounds, we could all use a little extra motivation and encouragement to get there.

Pluralsight has your back! We've built a new playlist on Spotify filled with songs to get you thinking positive and excited about all you can accomplish in 2016. Jam out with us and get busy working toward those goals. What songs are inspiring you so far in 2016? Share your favorite motivating music with us in the comments and be sure to follow us on Spotify for more Pluralsight Playlists.

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Lora Beros

Lora Beros is a Branded Content Manager at Pluralsight with a focus on IT ops. Lora is based out of our Utah office, which means she loves to eat, drink and hibernate during the winter. When she's not writing for Pluralsight shi is reading up on tech. You can find her on Twitter @lora_not_laura.