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The weekend the Pluralsight staff and author network has been waiting for is finally here. It's time for Author Summit 2015! Over 100 of our course authors are here in our home state of Utah to network, learn and be inspired. By bringing some of our best minds together in one room, we're going to make our courses even better for you. In between all that serious, hard work, we're throwing in some fun as well. As a thanks for sharing their knowledge with the Pluralsight community, we're treating our authors to a casino night, laser tag, skiing and more. And of course, no summit is complete without a killer playlist. We asked our attending authors to send us their favorite songs for our newest Pluralsight Playlist. Enjoy this weekend with us by jamming out to some of your favorite authors' favorite tunes, and be sure to follow on Spotify for more techie playlists.

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Lora Beros

Lora Beros is a Branded Content Manager at Pluralsight with a focus on IT ops. Lora is based out of our Utah office, which means she loves to eat, drink and hibernate during the winter. When she's not writing for Pluralsight shi is reading up on tech. You can find her on Twitter @lora_not_laura.