What's Your Favorite Feature in a Creative Software Program?

Whether you're a designer or a 3D artist, as you start working you're bound to come across some features here and there that save you a ton of time. It doesn't really matter what creative programs you use in your workflow, there's great features in just about any of them. So we want to hear what your favorite features are in the tools you use every day.

How to Vote

Using the comments below, we want you to vote for your favorite feature in any creative application. If you're a 3D artist working on character sculpts you might really like DynaMesh in ZBrush or maybe you're a designer who loves the Pen Tool in Photoshop. There's no restriction on what the feature is so make sure your favorite feature gets nominated! To vote for your favorite feature, please use this format: Favorite feature: Feature name Software: What software is your feature in? Why: Give us a brief explanation (a sentence or two) on why you love this feature. We'll do some initial nominations so you can get an idea of the voting structure.

Ground Rules

While we want this to be open to any feature in any creative program, here are a couple ground rules that'll help us tally the nominations: 1. Only nomination comments that follow the structure above are accepted Since we're only using comments for nominations, please refrain from posting any comments that aren't nominations. If we get too many of those we may have to clear them out to keep things organized. Also, as much as possible we're going to try to centralize all of the votes in one place on this post. This'll help make sure nothing slips through the cracks. 2. Nominate features, not software You can nominate whatever sort of feature you'd like from any software, just please don't nominate the whole software. For example, you might love RealFlow but what's your favorite feature in RealFlow? Is it Hybrido? The Kill Volume Daemon or just daemons in general? 3. Multiple nominations are alright If you're having difficulty picking just one favorite feature, feel free to nominate more than one. We just ask that you only do one nomination per comment, so if you have multiple nominations please create multiple comments. 4. Someone else nominated your favorite feature If someone else has already nominated a feature you want, feel free to nominate it again in your own comment and give an explanation on why you think it should be nominated.

What Happens Next

After gathering nominations for about a week, we'll close the comments here and announce what the top five most-nominated features are so you can vote on the winning feature.