10 ways to celebrate Cyber Security Awareness Month

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October, it's a month full of costumes, creepy creatures and scary stories, but what's actually more scary IRL ("in real life" for those of you not up on your techie text acronyms) is cyber security—or the lack thereof. So this October, before you turn on your favorite Halloween flicks, why not celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month?

One of our resident security experts, Dale Meredith, AKA the Dark Knight, provides the 10 top ways you can celebrate NCSAM so you don't encounter a tech horror story of your own. Here are Dale's top tips for security:

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Now, if that didn't scare you, we don't know what will! And if you didn't pick up on the serious sarcasm, here's a real tip: Check out our Information & Cyber Security training. Share this infographic and join the conversation using #CyberAware.

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Dale Meredith

Dale Meredith is a high-demand contract Microsoft Certified Trainer and project consultant. Along with his 17 years of experience as an MCT, Dale also has an additional 7 years of senior IT Management experience. Dale worked as a CTO for a popular ISP provider and a Senior Manager for a national hardware supplier. His technology specialties include Active Directory, Exchange, Server, IIS, PowerShell, SharePoint, System Center/Desktop Deployment, and Private Cloud. Dale's wide network of IT contacts stay connected through his popular blog site at www.dalemeredith.com.