Learn skills with confidence using new course Learning Checks

By Grant Boudon on February 17, 2016

Tests. Quizzes. Exams. Have the nervous jitters yet? Cold sweats? Butterflies? Relax. No test terror here--just a friendly, accurate check.

Meet our new course assessment feature, Learning Checks. Available immediately, Learning Checks help you (or your team) better gauge where you are in your understanding of key concepts before, during and after a course.

How do Learning Checks improve the learning experience?

The course Learning Check is not about giving you a grade, but providing additional means to improve your subject knowledge. During a Learning Check, you’ll be able to answer questions in a low-stress, untimed environment to check where your knowledge of the topic or technique stands. If you get your question wrong, you’ll instantly be able to watch the video you need to ensure you learn the correct answer before moving on. All without ever opening a new page.

Rules around retaking a test have been removed, and you can now try another Learning Check as often as you need it, and try additional problems.


Pluralsight Learning Checks

Subscribers can also leave feedback on questions that goes directly to the authors, helping improve questions and create a better overall experience for everyone.

Pluralsight Learning Checks

You’ll also get a history of your past Learning Checks, meaning you’ll gain a better understanding of how you’re improving in certain areas.

What Learning Checks are available?

Our internal teams, as well as our network of expert authors, have converted all of our existing courses with previous assessments into Learning Checks. We’ve also built in new code formatting in all questions, improving readability for programming-related questions.

Try Learning Checks on any of your favorite courses and use them to start learning new skills with confidence.


What about certificates of achievement?

We’re working on connecting Learning Checks with a certificate of course achievement, which was previously available with course assessments. If you need a course certificate of achievement, you are able to click a link on the course page Learning Check tab to still use previous course assessments. We will let everyone know when this is updated.


If you have any questions about Learning Checks, make sure to check out our FAQs or contact support.

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Grant Boudon

is the Director of Product Marketing at Pluralsight and has dabbled in everything marketing, except discount-furniture-store sign spinning. He has a background in creative training and is quickly learning the tech world – Google Fiber quick. Enjoys Seahawks Sundays (still too soon), his dogs and time with his daughter.