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By Amelia White on July 28, 2015

SharePoint is a Web framework created by Microsoft. It can be leveraged to create customer-facing "extranets," as well as internal intranets and content libraries. You can create solutions for SharePoint using the SharePoint Designer or a simple browser.


Course series objective:

This series focuses on proficiency in developing SharePoint 2013 solutions including farms, apps and search, among other topics.


Target audience:

This series is intended for developers who are new to SharePoint 2013 and want to become proficient in developing SharePoint solutions.


Course sequence:


Course Duration
SharePoint 2013 Fundamentals 7h 04m
SharePoint 2013 Developer Ramp-Up - Part 1 1h 37m
SharePoint 2013 Developer Ramp-Up - Part 2 1h 52m
SharePoint 2013 Developer Ramp-Up - Part 3 2h 26m
SharePoint 2013 Developer Ramp-Up - Part 4 0h 55m
SharePoint 2013 Developer Ramp-Up - Part 5 2h 40m
Understanding SharePoint 2013: Part 1 - Basics 1h 12m
Understanding SharePoint 2013: Part 2 - Behind the Scenes 1h 32m
Understanding SharePoint 2013: Part 3 - Development Overview 2h 42m
Understanding SharePoint 2013: Part 4 - Conventional Development 3h 41m
Understanding SharePoint 2013: Part 5 - REST and CSOM 2h 16m
Understanding SharePoint 2013: Part 6 - SharePoint Apps Basics 3h 18m
SharePoint 2013 Development: Client Object Model and REST API 6h 41m
SharePoint 2013 Search Development 3h 50m
SharePoint 2013 Search Back To Front 3h 39m
Total 43h 59m


Course series description:

The opening course in this series is SharePoint 2013 Fundamentals by Rob Windsor. Rob will introduce the basics of SharePoint such as creating your first site collection, linking your SharePoint farm to a database and adding various native and downloaded SharePoint apps.

Next, Andrew Connell will guide you through the SharePoint 2013 Developer Ramp-up. This is a five-part series of courses beginning with the basics of SharePoint development practices as well as some of the tools you'll need to manage your SharePoint farm. From the basics, the ramp-up moves on to tactics for developing various solutions and apps, then onward to configuring your UI and templates. The last two courses in the ramp-up will cover security as well as server-side and client-side deployments.

To follow your ramp-up, Sahil Malik guides you through the next six courses, which are part of the Understanding Sharepoint 2013 series. This starts off with a taste of SharePoint history, then quickly moves on to configuring various tasks within SharePoint. This includes an in-depth look at the SharePoint development model from console applications to SharePoint-hosted apps. Later in the series, you'll change gears with Windows Solution Packages (WSPs) and working with SharePoint in Visual Studio. Finally, the last courses in the series will go over both REST and CSOM before showing you how to create your own custom SharePoint apps.

The next three courses for this series are the final courses, and they're also part of a series. This time around you'll rejoin Rob Windsor for the opening course in the SharePoint 2013 Development series. Rob starts out in SharePoint 2013 Development: Client Object Model and REST API by covering REST and CSOM in more depth, then you'll move forward with Scot Hillier in SharePoint 2013 Search Development to become immersed in the search features of SharePoint. Matthew McDermott finishes the path with a deep look into SharePoint 2013 search in the SharePoint 2013 Search Back To Front course.

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Amelia White

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