Microsoft Certifications: The MCP is Back!

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Microsoft's certification programs can be a complex world to navigate, even for seasoned pros like TrainSignal's Ed Liberman. The Microsoft MVP hosted a webinar Tuesday on the new MCSE, with special guest Erika Cravens, Certification Strategy Product Manager at Microsoft Learning, and even he learned something new! During the webinar, Cravens noted that the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) designation has returned.

Along with bringing back the MCSA and MCSE in 2012, Microsoft has decided to once again award people who pass one certification exam with the MCP designation, Cravens said. In addition to receiving access to the MCP portal on Microsoft's website, which offers networking groups, special offers and other member-only benefits, those who are eligible will be able to claim it as an approved title.

Not having to wait until passing three or more exams before getting some official recognition from Microsoft should be exciting for people starting down what can sometimes feel like a long certification path.

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If you're interested in learning more about preparing for Microsoft certifications, check out TrainSignal's Microsoft Training Videos.

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