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It’s been an incredible six months when it comes to the Pluralsight learning experience on what we could call the ‘backend.’ During the last month, these new updates and upgrades we've been working on have started to be released to subscribers site-wide. Leading the charge, Chief Product Officer (CPO) Nate Walkingshaw has helped everyone, especially our product and dev teams, rethink how we create and update the learning experience.

So what's the biggest new factor in how we've chosen to update the learning experience? Your feedback. We've collected in-depth responses from subscribers all the way from phase one to release. Subscribers are a huge part of the process--from seeing the first wireframes to the alpha and beta stages as we open up testing to more and more subscribers. Then, we repeat with additional features and continue to upgrade ones that launch. This renewed focus on the training platform has a simple goal--to create the best learning experience for you.

Hear about the new Pluralsight from our CEO and CPO

Last week, we released our latest update to our in-app experience with the launch of new search and browse functionality, and this week we’ve released our new guest experience with more pages and the same search and browse when signed in. These updates are just a part of what we’ve released and what’s coming.


What’s new in the last two months:

- Search and browse

- Learner dashboard

- Course page

- New UI

- Mobile apps (learn more on mobile roadmap)

- The full Digital-Tutors creative training library on Pluralsight

What’s in testing

- Desktop app (formerly offline player)

- Video player

What’s coming after

- Learning Checks (formerly assessments)

- And so many more great features and updates

We have a lot more in store as we continue to plan out in-app mentoring through our HackHands acquisition. Additionally, you'll be able to leverage more skills assessments since we joined forces with Smarterer. These assessments benchmark your skills and highlight training to help you learn faster.

Thanks to all who have helped test our latest updates! Continue to send feedback about the learning experience when prompted in-app, or to our support team. Sign in now to explore everything new.

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Grant Boudon

is the Director of Product Marketing at Pluralsight and has dabbled in everything marketing, except discount-furniture-store sign spinning. He has a background in creative training and is quickly learning the tech world – Google Fiber quick. Enjoys Seahawks Sundays (still too soon), his dogs and time with his daughter.