New course playlist feature: a tool to plan your customized learning path

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You’re cruising along, burning through course material like the scholarly tech master that you are, and then you finish that course. Now you’re probably wondering where to turn next. What was that other course I wanted to take? Who was it by? What was it called? Oh, and there were those other courses I wanted to take after that one. Where did they go? Did I write them down? Ok, but really, where are they? Sound familiar? We feel you, and we listened when you told us this was one of your biggest pain points when it came to using our training. This is exactly why we’ve created a brand new feature that allows you to save the courses you want to watch in the future. Say hello to the, drumroll please, custom playlist. Here’s what to know about this new feature: What is the playlist? As we stated above, the playlist feature allows you to create custom playlists that consist of the courses you want to watch, and they’re even organized in the order you want to watch them. Where is the playlist feature located? We’ve added the playlist to the dashboard page, which can be found in the menu under your profile image (reference the image below for a little more clarity). This enables easy access, and you’re able to see it alongside your history and bookmarks. Playlist feature How does the playlist feature work? It’s very simple. If you want to add a course to your playlist, all you have to do is click the “Add to playlist button” found on every course page. It’s pictured below. Playlist feature Once you’ve added that course to your playlist, follow the “View playlist” link to go to your dashboard to order it among the other courses you have added. You’re able to reorder courses using the up/down arrows. And once you’ve finished watching a course, you can remove it from your playlist with the delete (X) button. This is what your playlist will look like (except with your custom course selections): Playlist feature Why is the playlist feature so great? That’s a no brainer—all the courses you want to watch right in one readily accessible place with an easy-to-use and editable organization system! This is the tool to help you jumpstart your training, focus your effort, and quickly work toward your learning goals to acquire the skills you need. Use the playlist feature for optimal course cruise control—try it now!

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