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New and noteworthy on the technology skills platform

By Nate Walkingshaw    |    April 03, 2019

We built Pluralsight to solve the most complex problems facing technology leaders today. We know that efficient and relevant skill development speeds up innovation and enables teams to deliver results faster—two outcomes that top the wish lists of CTOs and CIOs everywhere. That’s why, as the technology skills platform, we take every opportunity to enhance our experiences.

Role IQ: Now supercharged for leaders

Role IQ began as a groundbreaking way for technology professionals to measure skill proficiency in their jobs, revealing individual areas of strength, skill gaps and paths toward improvement. Role IQ is now available for leaders as well, as a tool for upskilling employees into the modern tech roles necessary to keep organizations competitive.

With new Role IQ capabilities, leaders have the option to design custom roles aligned to their organization’s needs, or choose from roles our experts have curated or ones we’ve built with our partners.

Whether you need more Angular web devs or a specific type of cloud administrator with security chops, Role IQ clarifies the skills your technologists need to master, and now includes advanced roles analytics, giving you—for the first time ever—a quantified view of the technical abilities across your organization. The payoff? It’s easier than ever to put the right people on the right projects, so you can deliver faster.

Skills analytics: Track improvement over time

We’re also introducing new skill progress capabilities. Leaders can now double-click into specific skills and see how they’re evolving over time. Tracking growth enables you to help your team develop business-critical skills efficiently, and gives you confidence your team is on track to accomplish your top objectives faster.

Professional services: Speed up progress toward your top objectives

Every organization has a unique technology strategy and infrastructure. We’ve launched three professional services products to customize your experience with our platform and maximize the ROI of your Pluralsight investment. With Skills Strategy, we give you visibility into the skills your team needs to meet your goals, and we provide you with a roadmap to building those skills with our platform. Our integration services allow you to surface Pluralsight data into your business systems and simplify how your teams access our platform. Onboarding services get your team up and running quickly by packaging integrations and Skills Strategy with onboarding best practices.

We’re committed to (and excited about!) enhancing experiences like Role IQ, skills analytics and professional services—as well as rolling out brand new capabilities that answer the evolving needs of technology leaders and teams everywhere.

Watch the video to learn more about how these new experiences are designed to help you improve operational efficiency. With deeper insight and data about the roles and skills within your organization, you can more easily adapt to the pace of technology change and enable your teams to speed up the rate of scalable, secure product development.

About the author

Nate is the CXO (Chief Experience Officer) of Pluralsight. Obsessed with how products are built and the teamwork it takes to build them, Nate has had the opportunity to invent and build products that consumers love, all while working with some of the greatest people.