Announcing notes

Never forget those light-bulb moments

by Pluralsight on October 12, 2016

In the time it takes for you to enjoy a donut and cup of coffee, you’ll forget almost half of what you’ve recently learned. Trust us, stranger things have happened. You’re practically hard-wired to forget 42% of what you learn in just 20 minutes*.

That’s why taking notes while
learning is so important.

Being able to review what you learn strengthens your memory. But the old-school way of taking notes sometimes falls short. If you can’t remember what that “This is important” sticky note was referencing or “Password is Radagast” means out of context, your notes aren’t helping much. Having each note tied to the exact moment in time that you learned something useful is, well, really useful.

Enter our new notes feature, which you can start using immediately.

Take time-stamped notes while watching a course

When you log in to Pluralsight and start learning, you’ll now see an “Add a note” option below the time bar of a course module. The next time you experience a light-bulb moment while watching a course, tap that button and make a note of it. To the right of the video player, you’ll see options to view, edit and download notes, so you can reference them later.

Use hashtags to stay organized

You’ll no longer have to dig through a notebook to find that brilliant insight you jotted down months ago. Every time you take a note, it gets saved to your account. When signd in, click on “notes” on the left to view all notes and click on them to see the course clip you were watching at the moment you took the note. It’s like teleportation! Well, almost.

Want to organize notes around specific projects or technologies? Use hashtags to organize notes and find them later. Bold or italicize items that you want to call attention to using markdown—use ** ** for bold and _ _ for italics.


Download notes to keep and share

Maybe you already have a digital notes system that works for you, or you want to share your snippets of wisdom with your friends. (This is super important because friends tell each other things.) Here’s where the “Download all notes” feature comes into play. Export your notes. Share them. Be a hero. (Just make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands!)


*According to research by 19th century psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus, who first discovered the decline of memory retention over time. 



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