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Lightbulb Most conferences are made up of a small number of speakers and a larger number of non-speaking attendees sitting in the audience, but the annual Pluralsight Author Summit, which takes place February 27-March 1, is an exception. At this conference, all the attendees are teachers, too! Each year in February, we host our authors in Salt Lake City for three days of inspiration, motivation and networking (food, lodging and entertainment fully covered by Pluralsight). The majority of the conference is run Open Space-style with over 100 author-led sessions. This year, co-founder and CEO Aaron Skonnard will kick it off with a keynote. We're also honored to have Nancy Duarte as a keynote speaker on the topic of visual storytelling. In addition, we'll hear from Smarterer about assessments and Code School about how they create interactive courses. The guest list has been sealed for this year, but we'll host it again in 2016. Do you love teaching and explaining development, IT or creative concepts? Tell us and we'd love to work with you as an author and see you at the Pluralsight Author Summit next year! Invitation Lightbulb Package Front Lightbulb Package Back

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Geoffrey Grosenbach

Geoffrey Grosenbach was the VP of Open Source at Pluralsight. He previously founded PeepCode and is an all around entrepreneur, developer, designer, teacher and athlete. Follow him on Twitter at @topfunky.