Pluralsight Expands Hands-On Learning Opportunities With New Skills Capabilities

By Gary Eimerman    |    April 22, 2021

One lesson that has become prevalent for enterprise technology teams in the past year is that skills have never been more important than they are now. An evolving economic landscape combined with accelerating digital transformation efforts and an increasingly distributed workforce has forced technology organizations to quickly evolve and adapt.

Many businesses and technology leaders found that deepening the skills of tech teams was no longer a luxury, but was imperative to the success of the organization. Businesses forced to implement new technologies quickly also found it necessary to upskill employees in the most efficient and effective way possible. Pluralsight has long been a trusted partner for organizations looking to deliver the most effective path to technology skill development. We partner with thousands of enterprise organizations around the world to help them not only build skills at scale, but to do it efficiently.

Within the past year, Pluralsight has been dedicated to providing new and better experiences for enterprises to help their technology teams develop the skills they need. We have made significant strides in delivering hands-on learning opportunities to help organizations learn, practice, and apply new skills and concepts to keep their technology organizations ahead of the curve.

As we continue our focus on hands-on learning experiences, we are pleased to introduce new functionality for Pluralsight Skills to help enterprises develop technology skills at scale in the most effective way possible. Our hands-on experiences deliver unique upskilling opportunities across multiple domains, enabling enterprises to incorporate new learning modalities that will help team members stay on top of the technologies most important to the organization.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new:

Introducing Sandboxes

Pluralsight’s sandboxes deliver secure, provisioned environments that provide learners with unrestricted practice opportunities. With sandboxes, learners can explore new skills in a real-world environment without complicated setup dependencies. This advanced, independent practice enables learners to immediately and safely practice skills to ensure retention.

Pluralsight Skills enterprise plan customers can immediately access sandboxes for more than 20 technologies, including Git, Python, JavaScript, Angular, React, and more. You can find more details on sandboxes here.

Expanding Labs

Pluralsight has already made big advances with our labs experiences, introducing cloud labs in 2020. Pluralsight now offers hundreds of cloud labs experiences for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud environments to help enterprises ensure their technology teams are ready to capitalize on the benefits of the cloud. These labs experiences align to the most in-demand cloud certifications, making Pluralsight Skills the best tool to prepare teams for certification exams.

In addition to a rapidly expanding roster of cloud labs, Pluralsight is introducing new labs for developers and data professionals. As with cloud labs, these new labs experiences allow learners to develop and practice new skills by working through specific tasks with step-by-step instruction in a safe, provisioned environment. With no download or setup necessary and therefore no risks to systems, tech leaders can be confident their teams have the resources needed to effectively learn and practice skills at scale.

Visit here to get a closer look at all of Pluralsight’s labs experiences.

We’re excited about the new features for Pluralsight Skills, and we look forward to helping your teams develop the necessary skills to drive business impact. Pluralsight’s hands-on learning experiences – combined with thousands of skill-adjacent on-demand video courses, skill assessments and analytics – provide tech leaders with skill development opportunities across all roles to meet the unique needs of their entire organization.

About the author

Gary Eimerman is the Head of Skills Development at Pluralsight, the leading technology workforce development company that helps companies and people around the world transform with technology. In his role, he is responsbile for the individual, self-paced learner experience on, providing learners with the fastest and most effective path to learn in-demand technology skills.