New and noteworthy on Pluralsight

March 22, 2020

Don’t miss the new experiences we’ve added to Skills and Flow

The future of technology leadership requires strategic thinking, skills transformation at scale and visibility into your team’s skills and workflow trends. For that reason, we’re constantly working to evolve our platform to keep you at the forefront of innovation, improve engineering impact and pave the fastest path to acquiring tech skills for your organization. 

Here’s a look at the experiences we just announced to keep you on the cutting edge, so you can continue making bold moves in 2020 and beyond.

Enabling non-tech team members to speak the language of technology

The notion that technology skills are for everybody is integral to our DNA. Our newest experience is specifically designed to empower your entire organization to drive digital transformation. Our new Digital Literacy plan gives non-technical employees an avenue to get up to speed on topics like cloud, security, agile and data, leveraging the unparalleled expertise of our author network to increase understanding of the technology concepts important to your organization. 

Introduce employees at every level to technology trends now, so they can operate, collaborate and communicate more effectively for future initiatives.


Digital Literacy includes: 

    • Channels: Curated course playlists cover topics like foundations in digital literacy, trends,     information security awareness and roles of the future. 

    • Courses: 50+ expert-led courses align to critical business objectives.

    • Learning checks: Short, self-paced evaluations measure retention of course material.

    • Usage analytics: Usage, hours spent learning and a leaderboard of top users give managers the     insight they need to lead.

Experience more, spend less

Conferences are chock-full of the latest industry news, trends and best practices, but attending them can be expensive and time-consuming. So, we’re partnering with today’s most in-demand events to share their content on our platform so you can watch anytime, anywhere. 

Keep up with technology trends and stay inspired by keynotes, breakouts, panels and more, all available as video courses that live within designated conference paths on Pluralsight. We have 19 conferences available now and free for a limited time, including ng-conf, DEVintersection, CodeSmash and more.

Content for every learning modality casts a wider net

Everyone learns differently. Sometimes expert-written, searchable guides are the best way to find answers. We enlisted Pluralsight authors to write our new Guides, so you can trust you’re getting credible, accurate information. 

We’ve launched 800 guides and counting on topics like software development (React, C#, Angular), data, AI/ML, and more.

Search for Guides to access technical information and concise, text-based how-tos in your moment of need.

Save time with content recommendations while coding

Roadblocks are inevitable. Our new Visual Studio Code extension provides just-in-time content recommendations within the learner’s own project, so developers can find answers fast and get back to work without skipping a beat. Content recommendations may include video courses, instructional modules, short video clips, interactive courses, hands-on projects and guides—depending on the software languages and file extensions developers are working with. 

And, this release was built with security in mind; source code stays put on your machine, and we offer the ability to disable parts of the extension, keeping fine-tune settings private. 

Get more out of Pluralsight Flow

Combining data from code commits, pull requests and tickets, Flow gives visibility into your engineering process, enabling you to deliver products faster. It generates actionable metrics to optimize release processes, improve collaboration workflows and remove bottlenecks while creating unprecedented visibility for all levels of management. Now, it also provides a helpful visualization of performance trends and mobbing/pairing programming support.

We're also excited to announce that Skills and Flow are now seamlessly integrated. With this unified experience, engineering leaders have a simple solution for closing skills gaps and improving flow efficiency.

Visualize commit efficiency and skill level by programming language

When we benchmarked the code contribution patterns of 85,000 engineers we found that effective engineering teams will typically operate at 70% efficiency. That is, 70% of committed code will remain unchanged through the duration of a sprint, and the remaining 30% of code will be refined over time. That’s healthy.

When your team's code efficiency is lower than expected, you can use the Proficiency Report to look at the specific languages your team uses efficiently, and which languages where they may need help. And with the integration of Skills and Flow, you can now compare commit efficiency data and skill proficiency data to track your team’s progress as they learn and apply new skills.

Check out the video to learn more.

Account for everyone’s contributions

We’ve also added support for mob and pair programming, one of our top customer requests. Flow now recognizes and attributes individual credit when commits occur as a group. You now have visibility into all commit types (individual or mob/pair) so you can highlight healthy code commit patterns and effectively coach your teams.

Keep skills sharp and lead more efficiently—from anywhere

To start making the most of our latest developments, log in now or start a free team trial. If you need a refresher on what’s new or want to share these new features with a colleague, you can watch more in-depth videos of these announcements and much more as part of our virtual Pluralsight LIVE Europe conference. It’s available now to watch for free, even without a subscription.