Pluralsight upgraded: a sneak peek at the new site & features

By Whitney Larsen on October 28, 2015

New look. New website. Better experience.

Today, we’re feeling pretty fresh. We're excited to introduce our new logo and branding (see more here!) along with a sneak preview of our new website, a look at features and upgrades soon-to-come and more course categories. But before you dive into all the latest we have to offer, join us on social to win some cool swag.

Get social. Get swag.

It's out with the old and in with the new. We'll be sharing photos of our fresh Pluralsight gear and other logo-fied prizes all day on Twitter and Instagram. So where do you come in and how do you win? Be the first to guess what the item sporting our new look is, and it's yours--and we're not just talking t-shirts.

Play now: Twitter or Instagram

* Check out the official rules here

Updated website: sneak preview

We're rolling out a virtual red carpet and handing you a VIP pass to preview our new site before it launches. Throughout the next several weeks, you'll see a lot of changes, but now's your chance to get sneak peek of the new Take a peek now!

New features, upgrades & more

We've been burning a lot of that midnight oil lately, and the result? A new and improved user experience that not only looks great, but works great. So what can you look forward to in the near future?

  • New mobile apps

  • Updated search and browse

  • Improved assessments

  • Integrated 1:1 mentoring

  • Upgraded invite options and tools for plan managers

Check out the new features here if you're an individual. Or, if you manage a team, head here.

More course categories

In the tech world, if there's one thing you can count on, it's change. This why we're serving up fresh courses categories, such as architecture & construction and manufacturing & design. And we're expanding our courses for business and data professionals. Course topics will include:

  • Architecture & construction: drafting, documentation; software: Revit and AutoCAD

  • Manufacturing & design modeling, sketching; software: Inventor, SolidWorks and Rhino

  • Data professional: big data, business intelligence, data analysis and data visualization

  • Business professional: communication skills, management and leadership, Microsoft Office, project management

Additionally, we have a new VP of Creative, Design and Engineering and we've rebranded Digital-Tutors as Pluralsight and all of Digital-Tutors' creative training has been fully integrated into the Pluralsight library. This means you've got 2,300+ courses on 3D animation, graphic design, visual effects, game dev and more right on!

Welcome to the new Pluralsight! We can't wait for you to dive in!








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Whitney Larsen

is the Dev/IT Content Marketing Manager at Pluralsight. With a background in communication and writing, she has a strong affinity for the written word and all things content marketing. Follow her on Twitter @whitney_larsen.