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iStock_000017274401XSmallWe recently released a new feature that allows you to customize your Pluralsight profile and show it off to the world!

Simply sign into and click your user name in the upper right corner to drop down the menu. Click "Your profile" and you'll be taken to a page that lets you edit and share your profile with everyone. Just click the button below to make it public. Then you can share your Pluralsight URL with your friends and colleagues.

Right now we only include some basic information from your user profile and activity (read below) but over time we plan to incorporate quite a bit more.

Share your profile with the world!Here's a screenshot of the whole profile editing page, so that you can see some of the new fields we've added, as well as how to get to this page via the user menu.

Editing your Pluralsight profileNeither your email nor phone number will show up on your public profile page - that'd be sharing way too much. But you can edit those fields here so that we'll have your current contact information in case we need to reach you regarding your subscription.

We'll use your G-rated Gravatar image on your public profile page, and put together your name, job title, company, twitter handle, website/blog link, location, and your bio in a neatly formatted header, along with any achievements you've made here at Pluralsight, which currently includes the number of courses you've completed watching, and the number of assessments that you've passed. We also show the most recent five courses you've been watching, so that you can keep friends up to date with what you've been studying. We thought that'd be a good way to start surfacing achievements, and we've got plans to make this more fun in the future!

Public profile page

By default, all profiles are private. Only you can see this profile page unless you explicitly choose to share it with others. Once you do share it, simply tell your friends about your profile by sharing the URL that we provide for you, which will look similar to mine:

If you are a member of a corporate plan, you'll have an additional option to share your profile just with the other members of your plan (think of it as "internal" sharing). Corporate plan managers can restrict their plans so that profiles can only be shared internally. So as a corporate plan member, if you don't see the option to share publicly, you'll know that your plan manager has limited the sharing options for your plan.

We hope you'll enjoy your new ability to share your Pluralsight activity with the world. Get started today!

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Keith Sparkjoy

is a Culture Coach at Pluralsight. As a cofounder, Keith was the Chief Technology Officer for many years, building and hosting the website and all things IT. These days there's a whole team of folks taking care of the tech, and Keith is focusing more on company culture, which is one of the most important aspects of a fast-growing business.