You can now share your Pluralsight playlists with the world. Here's how

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Earlier this year we announced a new playlist feature to help you organize your training. Originally, you were able to create and edit playlists, but now there's an additional functionality to make learning even easier: shareable playlists.



The new sharing feature lets you expose your playlists to fellow Pluralsight subscribers (and non-subscribers). It's a great way to share what you're working on, while also helping others figure out what to watch. You can share playlists with fellow team members, students looking to get into the industry, your friends--really, the entire world.

After creating a playlist, you can share its URL anywhere you want; email, social, an intranet or even on that whiteboard no one ever uses in the front meeting room (just make sure to put the "do not erase" next to it).



You can create as many playlists as you like and can edit and update them at any time. If you save someone else's playlist, you can also edit and update those at any time too.

Start sharing your playlists with others today. And, as always, check back here for more updates, features and news for your learning.


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Grant Boudon

is the Director of Product Marketing at Pluralsight and has dabbled in everything marketing, except discount-furniture-store sign spinning. He has a background in creative training and is quickly learning the tech world – Google Fiber quick. Enjoys Seahawks Sundays (still too soon), his dogs and time with his daughter.