Smarterer's API is Now Completely Free

We're excited to share in the announcement with our fellow Pluralsight family members that Smarterer's Rest API and developer tools will become free for companies and individuals. With Smarterer's API, you'll be able to tap into over 400 of the freshest crowdsourced skill tests and embed them freely in your products and websites, all being able to quantify skills in as few as 10 questions and 120 seconds. Applicant tracking systems and freelancer marketplaces, like Elance, are already using the Smarterer API to rapidly evaluate job candidates as a paid service. According to Elance, nearly 20,000 skill tests are taken on Elance every month and freelancers that have taken skill tests have a 3x higher chance of getting hired than those who haven't. In addition, over 76% of clients Elance surveyed are more likely to hire a freelancer with tested skills that are relevant to their job. "Linking skill assessments and jobs enables our freelancers to build their skills, win higher paying jobs and have a long-term career on Elance," said Elance's CEO Fabio Rosati. Now, we're making these same tools free for any company to leverage. Smarterer's Rest API also includes access to a Widget SDK which enables consultants and bloggers to seamlessly embed Smarterer tests directly into a website or blog without needing to rely on technical teams. This is a powerful tool for that allows readers to rapidly validate their skills. On the back-end, you'll have reporting access to skill scores is not available with the widget; score reporting can only be accessed through Smarterer's full Rest API developer tools. "We've done hundreds of integrations over the past few years, and Smarterer's API has been one of the easiest to work with," said Degreed's Product Manager Alan Walton. "Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into the design of the API, and the documentation and support match the same high level of quality." For developers, you'll now be able to use the Smarterer API to embed tests, pull score data, and develop apps like leadersboards and profiles that incorporate user scores. Embedding skill tests into job posts and online profiles allows job seekers to prove their skills in a credible way, while improving hiring efficiency and boosting employer confidence in job placement decisions. In fact, professionals around the world have scored over 1.7 million skills to date with Smarterer. Hop over to Smarterer's site to learn more about the Smarterer API and start using it today.