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5 Powerful Features in the All New Work Log

October 02, 2018

As an engineering manager, it’s important to know how everyone is doing individually and as a team, so you can continue to provide meaningful coaching and set expectations with the rest of the organization.

But traditionally, keeping a pulse on things relied on disruptive meetings, incomplete information, or required an unreasonable amount of manual work. And the larger your team, the harder it can be to understand the ground truth

Fortunately, those days are over.

GitPrime exists to give you the most complete picture of your engineering team and how they’re doing, so you can make better decisions, set expectations proactively, and help your team improve over time.

See Code, PR, and Ticket activity in a unified view

The overhauled Work Log now includes robust integrations to ticketing systems (Jira, GitHub issues, etc) and supports the newly announced Pull Requests integration, to give you a comprehensive view of all of the major artifacts that an engineer produces in a day.

The Work Log now includes visualizations across five work types:

  • Code Commits
  • Merge Commits
  • Pull Request Submissions
  • Pull Request Comments
  • Ticket Comments

Easily exclude or include any work type to customize the exact view you’re looking for. Don’t care about merge commits? Turn them off. Want to isolate Pull Request activity? Again it’s an easy check box to filter this report to help you best understand the ground truth of your team.

Get a quick summary

The Work Log is particularly helpful to understand the “shape of someone’s day” across all work types. A quick glance helps you compare someone’s present contributions to their personal norms, and get a feel for how they’re doing.

Now you’ve got a numerical view of that same information. By hovering over an engineer’s name, get a quick roll-up summarizing their contributions over a given time period. This summary is convenient for verbal communication or when writing to a colleague, where raw counts may be more useful.

Jump in with Smart Scrolling

It’s easier than ever to drop into the context of the work, with a quick hover over any work object.

On hover, a dialogue box provides summary metrics unique to each integration type, and a chronological timeline of collaboration below.

With the introduction of Smart Scrolling (just scroll without needing to move your cursor), you get a complete lineage of the work and surrounding discussions. Historically the nuance and context across different integrations is quite difficult to acquire. Now it’s easy to asses if the review and collaboration process is healthy and your team just needs space to operate, or if it’s necessary to take action.

A day in the life

Click on any engineer’s day from the main report to enter a focused view for a given time period. The selected day will be in focus, providing a chronological view of their contributions for the 24 hour period.

This exciting new view helps you make better decisions about where to offer support or apply pressure or where to cut slack. Now you can easily parse if an engineer is outperforming compared to their typical pattern. Clearly see if their most productive times are in the morning, or if they’re most prolific at night. Find out if they are struggling with time zone difference. Recognize when someone has gone above and beyond for the last release.

Use the large left and right arrows to page through work items, or select a different day from the calendar above. Close this view with the button in the upper right to return to the main Work Log view.

Pin details to dive in

This power feature helps you to flag items to review as a batch, or it can be used to quickly compare and contrast related work items.

Click on any work item and a menu appears with the option to “pin” the item. Once you pin an item, it is saved for further review in a tab at the bottom of the screen. Each subsequent work item appears in its own tab for deeper investigation or to make a side by side comparisons.

Say goodbye to tedious multi-tasking and chasing down fragmented work. Now you can tease out how the work is being performed, with the proper nuance and sophistication the task requires.

As you can see, the Work Log is a powerful new way to manage your engineering team more effectively. Use it to:

  • Visualize the interpersonal dynamics and patterns in a team
  • Identify bottlenecks to a release at a glance
  • Support compliance with best practices
  • Coach collaboration
  • Increase momentum an deliver value faster with clear expectations

We hope you enjoy the new report and able to put this powerful new tool to use. We’re excited to hear how it useful for your team and would love to hear about any enhancements you’d like to see.

To learn more about how data in GitPrime and the new Work Log can help your team, sign up for a free trial.