Skill up and show off: Collecting badges on Pluralsight Skills

By now we all know gamifying learning experiences helps skills stick. It’s why you can pick up a new language through engaging (and even addictive) tools that challenge you to beat the clock, your peers or your personal bests; it’s why we added badges to Pluralsight Skills in 2020, and why we’re continually upping the ante, so to speak, to enhance your experience with the technology skills development platform. 

With badges on Pluralsight Skills, you'll be able to: 

  • Discover key learning features
  • Develop effective learning habits
  • Set and reach goals
  • Celebrate your achievements in technology skill development

Badges are a fun way to motivate yourself and your team of technologists to skill up, show off and put those new skills to use. 

Get the most out of Pluralsight

We’ve unlocked a set of Explorer badges to guide you through the most effective path to learning on Pluralsight. You can earn Solar, Stellar, and Galactic Explorer badges by completing the fundamental exercises on your path to technology skill development, like watching videos, selecting interests, completing a Skill IQ assessment, following a path or channel and more. 

Learn powerfully

Our Learning Streak and Weekly Goal badges are designed to flex your learning muscles consistently so you develop effective learning habits. You’ll earn badges for viewing content, hands-on application and Skill IQ completion. 

Celebrate skills

We know the power of technology skill development is in the application and delivery of great products, but we also want to acknowledge the time you’re logging with our expert-led video content. You’ll earn View Time badges and Keep Exploring badges to incentivize your continued hard work on the ‘back end’ of technology skill development. 

Time is running out

To encourage technologists and teams to build better skills and products in 2021, we’re also offering limited edition badges for completing mini-learning challenges. 

Limited Edition badge sets are available only through the end of each quarter, so get collecting now and keep an eye out for the next exclusive set.