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Get a Comprehensive View of Team Progress With Calendar Management

June 27, 2019

Today we’re launching a robust set of Calendar Management features that provide a more complete and accurate picture of the development process.

As an engineering manager, it’s important to be able to use data about the team’s progress in the context of organizational decisions and events. If a trend deviates above or below the norm it can be insightful to look at what was going on at that time to understand what might have contributed to that change.

With our new Calendar Management features, you can view the team’s metrics across date ranges that are specifically important to you (e.g., sprints). You can set events that are relevant and actionable only to your team (e.g., new hires), and you can visualize a more comprehensive narrative about the team’s progress across all of your reports within GitPrime.


Get a sprint-level view across your reports

You can now import or designate date ranges that are specific to your team (e.g., sprints or release dates) to view those ranges across all of your reports within GitPrime. Being able to quickly visualize the team’s metrics sprint-by-sprint is useful for getting a better understanding of the team’s work patterns. Managers may also find that being able to quickly access the team’s metrics for any given sprint can be especially useful for mapping a team’s trends to specific sprints — and for reporting purposes.

Read the help doc on Setting Up Custom Date Ranges to get set up.


Set events in the Project Timeline that are relevant to your team

Previously our customers could set events for the organization in the Project Timeline report, where all teams could view those events. Now, teams are able to set and view only the events that are relevant to them.

The Project Timeline also now has two new unique visualizations:

  • The “Events” panel, which shows the events that are scheduled for that day and how many there are. This provides a more complete view of the team’s schedule (you can customize the timeframe you’d like to view).
  • The “Total Work Breakdown” panel, which provides more clarity around how the team is allocating their work focus. Our Customer Success team was manually putting this information together for customers via our API, so we went ahead and made that easily accessible and on-demand for all customers. You can toggle this view to show the team’s work breakdown by percentage or by lines of code.

For more on the new Calendar Management features, read our help docs on the topic or reach out in the chat below.


We’re just getting started

The new Calendar Management features are flexible, allowing us a lot of room to grow into them. We’re looking forward to bringing you more powerful views and insights into the development process.