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How to skill up on Pluralsight in 10 minutes or 10 days

When it comes to growing your technology skills, making a consistent plan for tackling your goals can be difficult, especially if you don’t have a schedule that lets you devote full-time hours to learning.

Luckily, Pluralsight has a variety of ways you can skill up regardless of the amount of time you have—whether you have a whole weekend to hunker down and learn, or just want to dive in quickly during a lunch break. To help you make the most of your time, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do on Pluralsight in 10 minutes, 10 hours or 10 days.

10 minutes on Pluralsight

These activities are perfect for getting organized and setting a baseline in order to inform the rest of your skill development.

Discover your knowledge gaps and strengths

See how your skills stack up in a specific technology by taking a skill assessment to get your Skill IQ. Not only will your results include valuable information on your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll also get personalized learning recommendations for filling gaps in knowledge, so you can skip what you know and focus on what you don’t. 

Explore Skill IQ

Create a channel

Getting started is always half the battle, so getting your ducks in a row before you dive in can be a helpful way to stay on-track. Channels help you organize your skill development by creating custom playlists of courses, paths and other resources outside of Pluralsight. They’re also shareable, so you and your team can stay on the same page. 

Create a channel

Read a guide

Want to go deep on a project or stumped on something you’re working on? Take a look at our database of searchable articles written by industry experts to find answers faster and move forward with confidence. Find just-in-time solutions to roadblocks you’re having in Python, cloud architecture, Kubernetes and hundreds of other topics.

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10 hours on Pluralsight

If you have more than a few hours to devote to learning throughout the day and week, these tools and resources will be your bread and butter.

Watch a course (or three)

Are you ready to learn a JavaScript framework like Angular, Vue or React? Do you need to learn how to deploy containers in Docker? Do you want to convince your leader to transition your team to a DevSecOps approach? With just a couple courses under your belt, you can improve your mastery of an existing skill—or start building a totally new one.

Explore courses

Browse the Pluralsight Tech Index

Don’t know which technology to learn? If you’re curious how your technology skills stack up against the most in-demand skills in the market, jump into the Pluralsight Tech Index (PTI). The PTI sources billions of data points from job sites, developer forums, repositories and more to calculate which technologies are the most popular (or trending the fastest) at a given time.

Explore the Pluralsight Tech Index

10 days on Pluralsight

If you have a longer period of time to devote to learning, here are a few things you can do that will get you on the path to long-term mastery.

Find out your Role IQ

Like Skill IQ, Role IQ assesses your abilities in the technology skills, but specifically those that matter for your job. You can validate your expertise and get a curated set of courses that can guide you to mastery. Come back to your Role IQ after a few weeks or months to see how you’ve improved.

Discover Role IQ

Complete a path

If you’re jumping around between various courses and want more structure in your life, you should look at Paths. These are designed to guide you, in order, through curated beginner, intermediate and advanced courses oriented around a specific topic with specific outcomes. Paths can also help you prepare for certain certifications or exams by covering all the curriculum you’ll need to know more comprehensively. 

Explore paths

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach for technology skill development, but Pluralsight provides a wide variety of learning experiences to help you master whatever you want to master.