8 gifts for the tech-obsessed

Developers are famously difficult to buy for. After all, there are only so many places to stash yet another smart speaker. 

Save yourself some stress this season. We tapped the minds of our very favorite geeks (Pluralsight authors) to generate the ultimate gift-giving guide for all your tech-obsessed loved ones.

“This health-tracking ring gives you the power to hack your sleep and make sure you have the most productive day possible.” 

Barry Luijbregts

“Because everyone needs more screen real estate!”

Barry Luijbregts

“As AI continues to permeate every corner of the tech industry, every developer can benefit from deepening their understanding of machine learning. And what better way to learn than by building your own self-driving car in the safety of your backyard? Of course, having the chance to test your car's chops against other self-driving aficionados in the Amazon-sponsored global racing league doesn't hurt either!”

Jeremy Jarrell

“Because as rewarding as it is to have the chance to work with technology in our own careers, it's even more rewarding to share that chance with the next generation. The Code & Go Robot Mouse makes basic programming concepts accessible for today's youngest generation in a way that's fun, hands-on and engaging. If you're looking for a way to spread your love of coding to the next generation over your holiday, then look no further.”

Jeremy Jarrell

“One of the biggest complaints of laptop users is neck tension from looking down at their laptop screen all day long. The Roost laptop stand elevates your laptop screen to proper eye level, and collapses into a small portable package, making it great for travel.”

- Matthew Renze

“For software developers, the ability to concentrate and focus is essential for writing high-quality code. But office environments are becoming more noisy and distracting every year. Eliminate the noise with a pair of high-quality noise-canceling headphones. You'll be astonished how much difference they make in a noisy office.”

- Matthew Renze

“The gift I’d like to give everyone is a password manager like LastPass. I love how it tracks all of my passwords and creates them for me, so I don’t have to worry about tracking or coming up with a new way to spell BatmanRules123. It makes the life of a security conscious person a little more restful!

“I change all my passwords at least once a year with just one click—it’s how I spend my New Year’s! (I know, I’m a dork with no life.)

“LastPass is free, but is you want more features like one-to-many sharing, advanced 2-factor authentication features and more, then you’re looking at a heartbreaking $2 a month for 1 user or (brace yourselves) $4 a month for up to 6 users!

“Stop using your Post-it Notes and invest in your and your family’s security—please.”

Dale Meredith

Let’s face it: the clock is ticking on getting your hands on the perfect gift. 

And, like a new car rolling off the lot, tech-heavy presents run the risk of becoming outdated as soon as the gift wrap hits the floor.

Lucky for you, we’ve spun up an offer that takes the guesswork out of gift giving for developers. 

1-month, 3-month or annual subscriptions to Pluralsight are now available to gift with the click of a button. 

And this gift isn’t seasonal; keep the gift of Pluralsight in your back pocket for any occasion, all year long.