What's new in Angular?
An expert take


Brace yourself: A new Angular is coming. No sooner had you caught your breath after version 2, you got the news. Fortunately, version 4 is a sign of better days: faster, more frequent updates, small changes designed with the community in mind and feedback channels where you can make a difference. 

Recently, we invited two experts (and developers) to break down the facts on the latest version in a live webinar. Alyssa Nicoll and Sergio Cruz shared a list of the changes ahead, demonstrated the upgrade process and answered questions. The big takeaway (and best news so far)? No more breaking changes! The Angular team is dedicated to releasing changes you and your team can work with going forward.

Check out some short highlights from the session below, and see what Alyssa and Sergio shared with viewers. Then, dive in and get ready.

What’s in a name? AngularJS vs. "Angular 2"

Confused about AngularJS versus Angular 2? Is there a difference, or are we just being picky? It turns out there’s a solid reason (and some clear distinction) behind the name. Alyssa explains in this short clip:

What happened to “Angular 3?”

While you were just recovering from the release of Angular 2, the team threw a curve-ball with the announcement of version 4—right? Well, don’t panic. Alyssa and Sergio nerd-out in this short clip and explain the reason behind the naming convention that resulted in this latest release. At the very least, you could win your next trivia night with this insight…

Angular: the big question…

According to our not-so-technical best guess (so don’t hold us to it), you can expect the most recent Angular release to align with ng-conf in early April. This is generally a good indicator of large-scale announcements, product releases and updates—though there’s always the chance of a delay. Here, Alyssa explains why you can still do your best to prepare and work on skill development in the meantime:

Angular demo

Exactly how easy is it to upgrade to version 4? When Angular 2 was announced, there was a general disturbance in the community (to put it mildly). So, take a look as Sergio runs a simple app in 2.4.5, and then explains how to make the upgrade. (He uses a Mac, but the setup should be similar on your PC.) 

Ready to get started? The big message from the webinar is clear: You got this. After all, you’d be bored with a stagnant system that never adapted or shifted, right? Keep learning, creating and making things interesting (or interesting things).

You can watch the Angular demo and recording in its entirety.

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