Engineering Impact

February 26, 2020

How to build trust in the workplace

Most of us don’t think about how much we trust our colleagues—but we need to start. This article lays out why building trust on our teams is more important than we think, and offers six actionable strategies for actually making it happen.

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Rethinking the daily stand-up

Dan Pupius, CEO at Range, thinks teams can get a lot more value out of the daily stand-up. Read his do’s and dont’s for powerful stand-ups that align team members and improve their ability to execute.

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Young workers need companies to prioritize mental health

Gone are the days when mental health was an employee’s own responsibility to deal with. In 2020, companies are recognizing the role they can play in supporting workers’ mental health—and that it’s mutually beneficial for them to do so. Here are three positive actions leading organizations are taking.

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How to be an excellent technical leader

Enterprise architect Dr. Mehmet Yildiz gives an overview of the 26 key characteristics of leaders who can deliver outstanding business results, keep their team members sane, make shareholders happy and delight their customers—even in the most critical situations.

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Avoiding burnout as a new tech lead

Engineering manager Danny Perez gives some valuable tips for navigating leadership without frying yourself when you don’t have previous management experience, and explains how he got started as a lead.

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Asynchronous communication: The real reason remote workers are more productive

Research has made it abundantly clear that remote workers are more productive than their office-bound counterparts. But your team doesn’t need to be remote to take advantage of the “why” behind increased productivity, says Amir Salihefendic. Here’s a great explanation of why async isn’t just for remote teams.

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