Editor's Playlist: iOS Developer

By Geoffrey Grosenbach on April 17, 2014

With over 700 million devices sold, iOS is one of the most popular computing platforms of all time. Although committing to the first version of the iOS development kit was a bit of a risk, it's plain good sense to learn iOS development today.


Editor's playlist objective:

Many kinds of applications can be written on iOS. Our goal in this editor's playlist is to give you a foundation for understanding the basic APIs you'll need to write the most common kinds of data-driven applications and deploy them to the App Store.


Target audience:

We'll assume that you're comfortable with the Objective-C language. If not, watch our Introduction to Objective-C. Most developers who have used C or C++ will be able to pick up Objective-C after watching it in action.


Editor's playlist course sequence:

Course Duration
Beginning iOS 7 Development 2h 22m
iOS7 Fundamentals 9h 59m
Deploying iOS Applications for Testing and the App Store 2h 52m
What's New in iOS 7 3h 27m
Consuming Web Services and Using Local Storage on iOS 2h 00m
Total 20h 42m


Editor's playlist description:

We'll teach you the basics of the latest iOS 7 through to deployment and basic data interaction via web or local storage.

We start with a brief beginner course on iOS by John Sonmez. This gentle introduction will prepare you for the more thorough iOS 7 Fundamentals course by Jon Flanders.

We believe in early deployment, so Alex Vollmer teaches you to deploy your applications to the App Store, a process that was once painful but is now much easier thanks to guidance from Alex.

Circling back, you'll learn about the new features in iOS 7 including the Xcode IDE, enhancements to UIImage and UITableView, and multitasking.

Finally, Brice Wilson will equip you to work with data either from web APIs with JSON or XML, or locally on the device.

You're now ready to develop applications on iOS!

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Geoffrey Grosenbach

is VP of Open Source at Pluralsight. He previously founded PeepCode and is an all around entrepreneur, developer, designer, teacher and athlete. Follow him on Twitter at @topfunky.