Scrum Framework

By Amelia White on July 30, 2015

Scrum is an Agile framework targeted toward complex software development projects. This simple, yet powerful, framework was created by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland to address common issues that can arise in plan-driven organizations when developing software. By the end of this series, you'll be familiar with the ins and outs of Scrum, as well as how you can apply this within your own organization or projects.


Course series objective:

If you're coming in with no prior knowledge of the Scrum framework, this series will take you from zero to hero! You'll become familiar not only with the way Scrum development works, but also with complimentary technologies that can help you implement Scrum for your own purposes.


Target audience:

This series is intended for software developers who are new to the Scrum framework and want to learn more about this powerful Agile framework. No prior experience with Agile/Scrum required.


Course sequence:


Course Duration
Scrum Fundamentals 3h 40m
Big Scrum 2h 47m
Real World Scrum With Team Foundation Server 2013 5h 02m
Customizing Your Team Workflow with the Best of Kanban and Scrum 1h 28m
Scrum Development with Jira & JIRA Agile 1h 37m
Total 14h 35m


Course series description:

To introduce you to Scrum, we'll start off with David Starr's Scrum Fundamentals course. David will walk you through the core Scrum principles and practices, and how you can start implementing these practices using the resources already contained in your organization.

Next, you will rejoin David Starr for Big Scrum. This course builds on the concepts introduced in the previous course, and goes even bigger. This course will focus on growing your Scrum practices from just one team to the entire organization without changing the core tenements of this framework.

Now that you understand how to use and scale Scrum, we'll move on to a more real-world implementation. In Benjamin Day's Real World Scrum With Team Foundation Server 2013, you'll learn how to utilize TFS 2013 and Visual Studio to manage your Scrum projects and teams.

At this point we'll switch gears a little with Milena Pajic's Customizing Your Team Workflow with the Best of Kanban and Scrum. Don't worry if you're not familiar with Kanban, as Milena will introduce you to the core concepts while comparing them to the core Scrum concepts. After you've completed this course, you'll know how to utilize the best of both worlds for your projects.

But what if Kanban isn't right for you? For the final course you'll join Xavier Morera for Scrum Development with Jira & JIRA Agile. If your organization already uses JIRA, or if you want to use JIRA in your Agile projects, Xavier will guide you through so you can improve your chances of software success.

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