Learning path: the JavaScript language

By Geoffrey Grosenbach on November 11, 2013
Although it started life as an afterthought in the Netscape web browser, JavaScript is now the most widely deployed language in the world. Available in every web browser and on many servers as well, your career as a developer will probably include writing at least a few lines of JavaScript.

Learning path objective

Basic competence in the JavaScript language.

Target audience

Developer and non-developers who want to become confident in the JavaScript language as a preparation for using it on servers, clients, or anywhere it is available.

Learning path course sequence

Learning to Program: Getting Started03:12:00
JavaScript Fundamentals02:53:00
JavaScript Design Patterns02:02:00
Structuring JavaScript Code02:10:00
Fixing Common JavaScript Bugs03:42:00
Testing Clientside JavaScript04:51:00

Learning path description

We start with the very basics in Scott Allen's Learning to Program course (which just happens to teach the JavaScript language). You'll progress to learning the fundamentals of JavaScript at an intermediate level, then learn about the design patterns that appear frequently in JavaScript code: timers, asynchronously executing functions, pub/sub and promises.

Next, Dan Wahlin teaches you to organize your code with prototypes and several kinds of modules. No programming effort is free of bugs, so you'll learn to fix common JavaScript bugs.

Finally, Joe Eames covers a staple of modern development in any language: unit testing. You'll learn to test JavaScript code with popular tools Jasmine and Mocha.

After completing this learning path, you'll be ready to move on to learning about browser-based JavaScript applications or server-based environments like Node.js.

Geoffrey Grosenbach is the VP of Open Source at Pluralsight and publisher of PeepCode screencasts, now part of the Pluralsight library. Follow him on Twitter at @topfunky.

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Geoffrey Grosenbach

is VP of Open Source at Pluralsight. He previously founded PeepCode and is an all around entrepreneur, developer, designer, teacher and athlete. Follow him on Twitter at @topfunky.