New Visual Studio calls for new tech skills

By David Berry    |    April 02, 2019

Microsoft Visual Studio has long been recognized as one of the best development environments available, and Visual Studio 2019 continues that tradition with new features designed to help developers be more productive.

To make sure you’re able to take full advantage of everything Visual Studio 2019 has to offer, we’ve teamed up with Microsoft to produce a new path dedicated to Visual Studio 2019, including expert-authored courses and a Pluralsight IQ skill assessment.

Available Courses:

What’s New in Visual Studio 2019

Designed for experienced Visual Studio users, Barry Luijbregts discusses new capabilities in rapid-fire fashion with demonstrations of each feature, so you can be up to speed in as little time possible.


Getting Started with Visual Studio 2019

Developers spend most of their day writing code in their IDE, and this course will give you a strong foundation in the essentials of Visual Studio. Kate Gregory will take you from the basics of creating and managing projects to powerful productive features like built-in refactorings and Visual Studio IntelliCode. When finished, you’ll be fully prepared to start coding your own projects with Visual Studio 2019 or to jump into one of our other courses.


Visual Studio 2019; Debugging

In this course, Alex Wolf will have you debugging like a pro with features like conditional breakpoints, edit and continue and call stack views. He’ll even show how to debug remote processes and how to use features like advanced debugging. Even if you have used Visual Studio before, you will find it worth your while to level up in this critical area. 


Using Git for Source Control with Visual Studio 2019

Every developer needs a solid understanding of source control practices, and today, the source control system of choice is Git. Author Thomas Huber shows you how to use the capabilities of Visual Studio to perform all of your Git-related operations right from the IDE. Whether it’s cloning a repository, resolving merge conflicts or managing pull requests, you will learn how Visual Studio 2019 helps you accomplish each one.


Testing .NET Code with Visual Studio 2019

Testing has become a foundational practice for developers, and Visual Studio 2019 gives you the tools modern software developers need to efficiently write and run unit tests. This course by Thomas Huber will show you everything Visual Studio has to offer to help you efficiently incorporate testing as part of your development workflow.


Using Code Analysis in Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio contains a rich set of tools to help you write cleaner, more maintainable bug-free code. From using an .editorconfig file to enforce consistent coding standards across your team to using Roslyn code analyzers to detect issues in your source code, this course by Alex Wolf will show you how to get the most out of these powerful tools.


Migrating Applications and Services to Azure with Visual Studio 2019

More and more companies are migrating their applications to the cloud, and this course by Scott Allen teaches you everything you need to know to migrate an existing application to Azure from within Visual Studio 2019, even if you have never worked with Azure before.


Collaborative Development with Visual Studio Live Share 

Learn everything you need to know to collaborate more closely with your teammates using Visual Studio 2019’s Live Share capability. In this course, you will see Pluralsight authors Brice Wilson and Scott Allen use Live Share to pair program and debug features together. Not only do they collaborate on a .NET Core project while both using Visual Studio, but they also show how Live Share works between Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.


Advanced C# Debugging Using Visual Studio 2019

One of the most advanced features of Visual Studio is how to use IntelliTrace to perform time travel debugging. This course by Kate Gregory will teach you what you need to know to use this powerful feature to solve your toughest debugging problems.


Building Cloud-native Solutions for Azure with Visual Studio

Visual Studio 2019 isn’t just for developing desktop and web applications, it is also your gateway to taking advantage of cutting edge, cloud-based architectures.  Author Barry Luijbregts shows you how Visual Studio 2019 can help you build solutions based on Azure Functions, Cosmos DB and container-based applications in this course, making sure you are up to speed on all of the latest cloud-based design patterns.

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David Berry is a software engineer with over 15 years of application development experience. He started developing software in Java 1.0 using an Oracle 7 backend. Making the switch to Microsoft .NET when it was released, he has worked with every version of .NET since. He has also worked with every version of Oracle since Oracle 7 and ever version of SQL Server since SQL Server 7. His experience spans a broad range of industries including semiconductors, financial services, insurance an government. In his free time, he enjoys going on long distance rides on his road bike and cross country skiing during the Wisconsin winters.