Troubleshooting Citrix XenApp 6 Web Interface Client Auto Detection

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A common issue with Citrix XenApp 6 Web Interface is with the client auto detection -- where the web interface does not properly detect and offer a client download to your end users. The Web Interface points to the Citrix website instead of the local directory where the client plugins are stored. This can occur if you skipped loading the clients when you configured Web Interface or if the directory structure to your client repository is incorrect.

What happens is when your users go to the XenApp site, if they don't have the Client plugin installed, Citrix Web Interface will prompt them to download the client.

Troubleshooting XenApp: non-functioning client plugin

Troubleshooting XenApp: redirected to citrix website

This can be annoying. In order to provide a better user experience, you can configure Web Interface to detect the client and offer a download of the proper plugin using a local directory.

If during installation you skipped the step where you load the clients onto your Web Interface server, then of course this won't work properly. It's also possible that your server is pointing to the wrong directory. So in this how-to tutorial, we'll walk through troubleshooting the client auto-detect feature of Citrix Web Interface Server for a XenApp site.

The first step to fix this issue is to load the plugins on your Web Interface server. This can be done either by downloading the plugins from Citrix or with the installation ISO/DVD. Note, the plugins on the installation media might be outdated, so it's recommended to download the plugins from Citrix.

If using the installation media, browse to the Citrix Receiver and Plug-ins directory.

Troubleshooting XenApp: install plugins from media

Open another Windows Explorer window and navigate to the location where you installed Web Interface. In our example, with Web Interface version 5.3.0, we navigate to Web Interface\5.3.0\Clients

Troubleshooting XenApp: navigate to web interface install location

This Clients directory is currently empty, which explains why our Web Interface redirects to the Citrix website.

Copy the directories for all the clients you wish to offer to your end users from the installation media over to the Clients directory. There are directories for Mac, Linux, Windows, Java and more. Web Interface will automatically detect the type of endpoint device and offer the appropriate client plug-in via download.

Troubleshooting XenApp: copy over clients

Moving back to the browser and refreshing, you'll see the interface has changed - we now have a checkbox to accept the terms of the Citrix license agreement and a security warning regarding downloading the plug-in.

Troubleshooting XenApp: web interface after client installed

Clicking the download will install the plug-in.

Troubleshooting XenApp: installing online plugin

End users now have a more streamlined process to download the Citrix plug-in and start accessing the published resources from the XenApp site.

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