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How the Pluralsight community is skilling up during COVID-19

A lot can happen in one month.

We’ve been inspired by the way technology professionals have been making the most of an uncertain time by skilling up, filling knowledge gaps and solving problems. Here are ten of our favorite ways people have been using Pluralsight to stay home and skill up during #FreeApril and mandatory WFH:

1. Catching up on your learning backlog

2. Facing your Git fears head on

3. Saying "thank you" with coffee

4. Making the best of lockdown with new cloud skills

5. Mixing learning with snacks

6. Turning tech skills development into a lifestyle

7. Tackling confounding code problems

8. Acquiring a new skill in under a week

9. Checking things off the list

10. Creating the perfect tech skills development setup

There’s still time to take advantage of the last few days of #FreeApril! Sign up now for your free account — no credit card info required.