Pluralsight video tips: Customizing your learning journey

Sometimes holding yourself accountable to your upskilling goals—or even knowing where to start—can be overwhelming. With Pluralsight, you have a host of technology content available for you to level up your skills—like video courses, interactive courses, projects and guides. But did you know you also have access to tools that will guide your journey and help you reach your goals faster?

Let’s get straight to it. Here are three ways you can use Pluralsight to customize and optimize your upskilling efforts.

1. Set a goal

With Pluralsight’s goal-setting widget found on your homepage when you log-in, you can keep yourself accountable to your learning goals. It provides a list of options for the amount of time you want to set aside each week (from 10 minutes up to 2 hours), and provides live tracking of your progress.

Ideal for: Maintaining skills with incremental but consistent learning

2. Engage with a path

Expert-curated paths provide a collection of courses specifically aimed at helping you build new skills or achieve a certification. You can start by baselining your skills to assess whether a given path is appropriate for your skill level; once you’re within the path, you’ll find not only courses, but exercise files for practicing concepts and course discussion boards if you’re getting stuck.

Ideal for: Consuming content with a specific overarching outcome in mind (such as preparing for your AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, or gaining basic Kubernetes skills)

3. Create a custom channel

Like creating playlists on your favorite music streaming app, Pluralsight channels allow you to drop in courses of your choice and organize them into sections. For example, you could create a channel of courses relevant to a specific project you’re tackling at work. If you have an individual Pluralsight license, you can share channels with other Pluralsight users (and you can also share them internally with coworkers if you have a business license).

Ideal for: Creating a more customized learning path that’s unique to you, or sharing collections of courses you like with colleagues at your company