10 quotes for tech leaders: #PSLIVE19 roundup

If you missed Pluralsight LIVE 2019 — or just want to relive your favorite moments — we gathered some of our favorite quotes from three days of inspiring main stage talks and informative breakout sessions.

On providing access and opportunity

It’s not hard to find more women and people of color to have in your pipeline. You just have to make it a priority and do it. 

– Pat Mitchell, journalist, TEDWomen editorial director

There’s a reason things are designed the way they are, and it’s often with good intent. But the world generally evolves faster than systems evolve, so they become calcified, and the people within them are typically resistant to change. I feel the role of philanthropy is to push on those systems.

– Laurene Powell Jobs, founder and philanthropist

F--k the golden path. No one uses your software in a perfect bubble. Complicate your scenarios.

– Raquel Breternitz, designer and accessibility advocate

We want whole people on the job. Don’t make your employees feel like they have to keep parenting a secret. Allow parents to be parents. Allow everyone to talk about their kids. Women’s careers should not have to take a hit due to parenting, and dads should be able to leave for parenting tasks as well.

– Breeanne Matheson, strategist and HR innovator

On the future of technology and innovation

Video games are a fantastic tool. They hold your hand at the skill level you’re at and teach you how to problem solve. If we can combine the addictive nature and stickiness of gaming with the right tools for education, we as humans can learn and experience so much more.

Trevor Noah, comedian and talk show host

We’re facing the largest learning curve of all time. When I talk to my fellow leaders, they all say the same thing: ‘We need to become more agile. We’re stuck in our old ways. We were first and now we’ve lost our position.’ The companies that deploy grit, passion and a learning mindset going forward are the ones who will steal back their value chain in the marketplace. 

– Nate Walkingshaw, CXO at Pluralsight

The more we focus on tech, the more we need to focus on people. How can we upskill them during this digital transformation we’re experiencing to tap into the capacity that they have? The skills that humans will be needing for the future are less physical and more about adaptability, critical thinking and creativity.

– Giselle Mota, workplace innovator and strategist

On defying boundaries

Your most important asset is the skills of your people. Skills sit at the heart of everything. Today, there are new ways to build skills — ways that are better than ever before. 

Aaron Skonnard, CEO at Pluralsight

Displaced kids often tell us they want to become teachers, pilots and even software developers. They want to use tech skills to help rebuild their communities. That is an extreme source of hope for us.

– Pietro Galli, director of technology at NRC

It may not happen tomorrow — because it’s a big ship to turn and it takes time — but I truly believe we can manifest anything that we want.

– Ellen DeGeneres, comedian and talk show host

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